A boy and his love for clothes

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:16 pm

Joules clothing boy's kidswearFor as long as I can remember my son has absolutely loved new clothes. While most kids prefer toys for birthdays and christmas presents, B would really rather receive clothes. It can be anything from shoes, scarves, hats, and gloves to pants, sweaters, button up shirts. He doesn’t have a preference of casual or fancy. Some people comment that this isn’t really right for a boy. Shame on them! He loves what he loves and it doesn’t matter to me.

Actually it’s rather helpful as most kids refuse to wear gloves and hats or even coats for that matter. Some kids like my daughter hate when new shoes are bought and they want to continue wearing their favorite wellies even in summer. They don’t like the change in their wardrobe but B lives for that wardrobe switch up each season. He loves a day out shopping at the mall with Mommy as it was just us when he was born while Daddy was at work. He even likes to help pick out my clothes and now, my daughters clothes too. I say go for, he could be a top designer one day, you never know. Either way, I am enjoying it as much as he does, while it lasts.

When I asked him if he wanted to try some of Joules’ boy tops, he squealed at the chance. I should have known the answer to that one already. He kept asking when they were going to arrive and could he take them for show and tell at school which really made me laugh. I wonder what the teacher would think?  It’s great to have a child that loves trying on clothes to see if they fit or not. I have to bribe, pleading and beg my daughter in shops to try things on. B tore open the packages like a cat to Catnip and couldn’t wait to put them on when they arrived. It was great to watch.

Joules clothing boy's kidswear review

As much as he is a lover of clothes and fashion sense he is still a toddler boy so when he spotted the rocket on the back of his new navy printed Jnrarchie applique t-shirt it sent him into over drive. He threw it on and was jumping off piles of pillows shouting, “blast off”. His sister and I sat watching in awe of this new creature upon us.  “Why don’t all my t-shirts have rockets on them Mommy?” he questioned as I handed him the next top to try on. It’s a safe bet he will be on the look out for more rocket t-shirts now and that I will need to bubble wrap him on days he wears this with the amount of “blast offs” he takes. 

Joules clothing boy's kidswear reviewJoules clothing boy's kidswear review

Even though B is really pleased with his rocket t-shirt he does have a soft spot for sweaters and sweat pants.The cozy and comforting kind of clothes. He loves layering his clothes. You can always catch him no matter what temperature is outside wanting a sweater over his t-shirts.

For colors, I always navigate towards blues for him to pull out the color of his eyes. This gorgeous Jnrleon Crew Neck Sweatshirt looked amazing on him. We have already got so much wear out of this sweater and it washes brilliantly without fading or going fuzzy like some sweaters do. I love that you can dress it up for church or dinner out with the family or dress it down with cozy joggers for a play day at home. B and I have already scoped out a few more items we can’t wait to get him for Spring. 

Joules clothing boy's kidswear review

Joules clothing boy's kidswear review

Have you seen Joules’ new in range? You must go check it out, they have so many great colors, patterns and designs for both boys and girls. Just have a peak at how my daughter is showing off her personality with these vibrant dresses here. So many choices you won’t know which to pick to wear first. I have long loved the brand for myself but now I am a firm lover of the brand for my kids as well.

Just look at this happy face below:

Joules clothing boy's kidswear review


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