Siblings {February 2016}

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It’s the middle of February, had did this happen? If the shortest month of the year doesn’t already seem short enough it doesn’t help that it’s flying faster than expected with ‘to dos”. It’s funny how you think you have been relaxing more and taking life easier and yet it’s still passing by at a rapid rate. This month these two siblings have been keeping me super busy and on my toes more than ever.

They are at an age of hyperness and curiosity constantly at 2 and 4 years old. I have never baby proofed our house because they weren’t the type of babies that climbs the stairs or got into anything. Oh boy, how that has changed. My house is in constant “clean up” mode and I don’t think I ever stop following them around picking up something they have broke, got into, spilled, thrown, stood on, smashed, drooled on, snotted on, and more.  This is my happy busy daily routine. While they may be keeping me on my toes, their giggles as they chase each other through the house is the best sound in the world. A sound that can pull me out of a bad mood within the first seconds of it. I was a extra big grump in January and glad that feeling of blah is gone. I always think my kids are great to help me pull myself out of my funk and enjoy life’s moments big or small. Siblings February 2016 a monthly sibling portrait project


Their teddy bears from Spain.

Their new Joules clothes, they both are obsessed with new clothes.

The lighter evenings and sunshine peaking out.

Living room picnics.

Riding bikes to the park together,

Bubble baths with all Mommy’s Tupperware.

Reading with their new LeapReader, B reads full story to MM now. (too cute).

Twisting all the playdoh colors to make brown playdoh and talks of poo constantly.

The car giggle game, who can giggle harder, louder, and longer. (to my ears pain).

Siblings February 2016 a monthly sibling portrait project

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings February 2016 a monthly sibling portrait project

No matter how much they press my little buttons with their hyperness, they are good kids. I am so grateful for that. They aren’t being naughty, just not enough nice weather to run their energy out outside and play free. I can’t wait as the weather gets better and we can get out more. These two are always less hyper when they have had a lovely day out at the park or even running the fields behind our house. They tend to leave my house in one piece when they aren’t caged in all day. I am sure that’s the same with most children their age.

They are still as close as ever. It’s beautiful to watch them learn so much from each other, help each other when things are hard and cuddle each other when one is sad or hurt. They both are so different in so many ways and so similar in so many ways. The perfect mix of siblings. We have a lot coming up in the next few months together for them and as they get older we can do more older kid adventures and days out. While I am sad I no longer have a baby in the house and those days are long behind us, I am excited for this next older adventure with these two siblings together.

13 thoughts on “Siblings {February 2016}”

  1. They are so beautiful Jenny, and looking so grown up. Love that last photo especially. This time of year is tough isn’t it? We have had a few days now where the temps have been dangerously cold, we’re all going a bit stir crazy – and the bickering definitely gets worse! #siblings

    • Us too I can’t stand when we have to constantly sit in doors. It drives me crazy as much as it drives them to chaos and crazy too. Hope we get an early spring warming.

    • I don’t remember being so fascinated with poo talk but it seems the in thing to do and my kids are no different. Luckily they aren’t the only ones or I would be worried. lol

  2. Yes with the bum bum, pooooooo chatter. Lovely post, and I know what you mean when the baby stage is fleeting. Even though we have another on the way I do miss all three of them being tiny together but watching them grow together is a blessing. xx

  3. They are just so cute together – there’s a two year age gap between me and my brother and we have always got on really well too. We are still best friends now we’re almost 40 – I hope your two still have the same relationship when they are older. And I hope my two boys do too 🙂 #siblingsproject


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