Red, pink, love and more #lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:29 am

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I normally wouldn’t really post on celebration days but starting up a hashtag community over on instagram and sharing my favorites has become a Sunday night ritual no matter what holiday it is. I truly love pouring over all your photos and I can’t thank you all enough for joining in. I do try to go back a few days just in case some one you are hashtagging later as I don’t want to miss your captures. So if you haven’t got a like from me please note it’s because instagram puts your photos in time order not when you hashtag it but when you actually post your photos. Some don’t know that this has changed so keep in mind when joining in so everyone doesn’t miss your amazing zoomed in moments. 

Instagram has been flooding with red, pink, love and whole lot more that comes with celebrating Valentine’s Day. I have been on such a happy, cloud bubble scrolling through them all this week. I am finding that I just want to reshare everyone’s photo here and say I love them because I really do. So many baking and crafts that have wow’ed me, so many kisses and cuddles that have melted me, and so many flat lays that have inspired me. Keep them all coming. 

MY FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS FOR THIS WEEK’S #LIFECLOSEUP:Valentine's Day red, pink, love, and more #lifecloseup


hotpinkwellingtonslazymoms,  iamalisonperry


I have to say  my own instagram hasn’t been as full of red so much but we always have vibrant pink popping up in MM’s wardrobe and my love for grey and white makes my instagram very clean of red. lol But don’t be put off because it’s still bursting with love. I have had the pleasure of catching up with friends this week which was so nice and the kids had playdate together. I got to spend a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend with hubby and kids too. They have made it feel extra special together as a family. We have been baking, playing, walks, park, out to dinner with the kids. Love’s special day is about the whole family not just us so we never get a babysitter in for it as we want to be together. The sun came out making it all feel so much brighter and lighter staring into the blue skies. May it long last and keep shining. 

MY CAPTURES FOR THIS WEEK’S #LIFECLOSEUP:Valentine's Day red, pink, love, and more #lifecloseup

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Do you love captures the little details of life? Come hashtag your instagram photos with #lifecloseup for any focused capture. I would love to see what you have been snapping up and potentially share it again here. 

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    • Thank you ever so much for joining in. I am loving the little community and everyone participating makes me jump up and down for instagram and finding new friends. I love ig.


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