123 Friday App: frees space and earns you money

Last updated on October 26th, 2016 at 12:06 pm

123 Friday App free space on your phone and earn money using code JENNY33What am I talking about? 

Well, it got you to click on my post didn’t it…but it’s no joke or spam. 123 Friday is an App that you download that amazingly enough not only stores all your photos, videos and contacts and frees that space up that you are forever trying to find but you can earn money from it too. Who doesn’t like a win-win situation? I know, I do. 

We all are familiar with other forms of phone storage and we won’t name names that’s just naming calling and my mother taught me better but we are also familiar with our smart phones refusing to take a photo or video right at a crucial moment. We hate it telling us there is “storage is full”. But I doubt that’s not the only thing we hate. If you are like me than you want to be able to retrieve and see all those photos and videos you have in storage. I am a blogger and I need access to these for blog posts, social media sharing and just going back through my memories. With 123 Friday, it’s accessible right there to use from your app anytime you want straight to wherever you want it. No more downloading back out of that random space in the sky no one knows about.

Ok get to the good part…you heard me right about making money from 123 Friday. Why not get back from your storage plan, what you put in and much more! It’s an easy referral process. 


See how easy that is and the more you share your unique code (psst..my code is JENNY33 to get your started) on social media the more you are going to earn when people sign up. It only takes 10 people signing up for you to get your money back on the standard storage plan which means your storage turns out free and your phone never screams out you for more space and you can keep earning, if you like. There are three plans to choose from for those that are as photo and video mad as me or the ones that like to take a few snaps here and there.

If you don’t believe me or you want a little more information you can listen to Kirby, she knows what she is talking about and she is passionate about it from Blog Authentic below. 


So no more worrying about storage problems, especially all you bloggers or just happy snapping parents out there. And for all those that like to earn a little on the side or go big with it, get sharing your own code once you sign up. You can easily move data between Androids and iOS. It only takes three simple steps to back up too. (first time takes a bit longer than super quick there after). Together we can keep sharing our amazing memories in a simple, safe, and secure way. 

I have teamed up with 123 Friday to help spread the word about all it has to offer. I have been so impressed with how it works and being able to access my storage and earn money is two things that make my life that little bit easier. 

123 Friday App to free space and earn money using code JENNY33

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  1. I received a new android phone for Christmas and effortlessly and successfully used 123Friday app to transfer all my contacts to new phone. All my photos and videos are also backed up on 123Friday allowing me quick access. Great app.


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