Is technology helping you save money?

Last updated on September 24th, 2020 at 01:53 pm

There comes a time in our adulthood when we stop spending money like it’s going out of style and start realizing we need to save. For some it’s when you get married, or buy a house, or become a family. As a family of four, things start to cost more than they used to so we are always looking out for new ways to save money. 

We want to teach our children from a young age to save and use their money wisely. The generation underneath me, I hope is better than my own generation of buying things on credit and money wasters as my Momma call us. Sometimes the money we are wasting we don’t necessarily know about or see in front of us like gas and electric. I know it seems like a dull topic but as a parent I want to save as much as possible for the better things in life like family days out and not wasting it on my heating for no reason.Technology saving you money? Smart Wifi Thermostat 4iE

With today’s technology there are ways to help us see where the money is being wasted and just what on. I have been introduced to the new 4iE Smart Wifi Thermostat. Haven’t heard of it before? No, neither had I but before you stop reading or look away it might sound extremely high tech but it really can save you so much money each year. Who doesn’t want to save money?

After watching the video below I was highly impressed how far technology has come that it can actually be smart enough to save us all money on our heating bills.

Heating systems are complicated enough to program when to turn on and when to turn off, what times are best for which rooms. This smart thermostat is the only one of it’s kind for a reason and it can do all this for you. Warmup is independent from your energy suppliers so 4iE works in the background separately to find better energy prices for you in addition to telling you how to optimize your heating to save money from energy usage too. You could save up to £200 per year. Since your 4iE can save you that much it really isn’t that much to buy one just think your first year of savings more than pays for it. That’s money you will soon be saving. 

Technology saving you money? Smart Wifi Thermostat 4iE

In easier terms, this gorgeous screen on the wall has the ability to personalize with any photo you want, can tell you what temperature to set your heat at for the cheapest rates, what times and temperatures to set when you leave your house and be controlled all by your smart phone. It can even tell you traffic information and the weather. For those ultimate busy families it can program itself on top of all that. Do you have a thermostat that can do all that and look as good as this? 

Technology saving you money? Smart Wifi Thermostat 4iE

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    • It just works on wifi so I don’t see why not. We seriously need one the way our house is laid out and I am sure we waste energy in parts of it we don’t inhabit sometimes. I was so impressed with it.


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