There is no place like home

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

There is no place like home…

During the Christmas season this statement probably gets said more times than the rest of the year but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t ring true.

For us, we are lucky to have two homes, in two countries and our time split between them. Not as equally as we like but we are so grateful for both of them. One in America where we spend our entire summers and every other Christmas and a few ad hoc holidays or occasional visits in between. One in the UK, where my three children were born and go to school. One feels more like home than the other and not the one we most frequent at times. A lady was asking me the other day does the UK feel more like home now since having children. My answer is yes, in some ways having my three children here has made it more home to me then my previous six years without children here. It got me thinking “home is where your heart is”. Cheesy but true for me.

It’s made me less home sick around the holidays building a family of my own and creating traditions with my children too. Gone are the days I couldn’t wait to book the next flight back to my parents house. Whilst I still love to travel all over with my children in tow, there is something to be said about being in home with them. We have so many amazing adventures together right at home.

I hope as the kids grow up their thoughts and hearts will be where their families are and not a place they were born as it had been for me for so long. I think we sometimes hold on to a place for sentimental value but opening our eyes to what we have right in front of us means we can make home be wherever we live! I know as the kids grow up we will probably downsize or move again. As long as they create their own happy havens I will be happy.

We are off to Mexico for New Years and it will be good to get some sun and relax by the pool with the kids. I know come home time we will also be recharged and ready to get back home together too.

After moving across the world and having numerous homes in between I know home to me is a place to gather with family and make memories together.

What does “home” mean to you?



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