December Siblings Project

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December Siblings Project

We come upon the end of the year once again but this time we have a bigger skip in our step with a baby on board and his very first Christmas around the corner. I think the older two kids are more excited for baby boy’s Christmas experience than their own. Everything is a big milestone for us this holiday season. With so many firsts to experience it’s constant giddiness in our house. I hope everyone else’s house is chaos as ours is at this time of the year.

I will admit I am equally as excited for Christmas to be here. It’s my favorite time of year and when you have kids, it just makes it that much more magical. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their laughter, and watch them light up at every magical experience. We are off to see Santa next week, sadly we were supposed to go last week but MM started being sick right before we were leaving. But I am actually looking forward to having a festive day so close to Christmas. Being an expat makes the holidays are in terms of filling the days with family and friend visits so we have to make up the festivities with just the five of us. I am huge into traditions, I foresee a lot of baking and matching pjs and Christmas movies playing in the background.

My cute little lambs have been already getting into the festivities with their school Nativities and singing concerts. And receiving these gorgeous Cuddle and Kind lamb dolls. Cuddle and Kind create these gorgeous characters and donate 10 meals for every doll purchased. I love teaching my kids why we should give back and get involved with charities that help other children. My son asked me why it has a little band around each doll’s arm that reads, “1 doll + 10 Meals”. I explained what Cuddle and Kind do and he replied, “I want to work for a company like that someday”. It made me so proud. MM just loves having tea parties with her lamb and as you can see below baby boy went for his brother’s lamb and keep scrolling because once he got what he wanted he was beaming!!!!
December Siblings Project

December Siblings Project

December Siblings Project


Getting Rock Star Legend at school with his maths only YR3 to do it along with other YR6s so proud of him.

Buying his siblings Christmas presents and hiding them to surprise them Christmas morning.

Getting ready for Mexico for New Years!


Being an angel in the school nativity.

Smashing her Dance Exams.

Participating in the special Christmas Gymnastic Competition.


His new room and sleeping all night (Mommy is secretly loving this too).

His food and feeding himself now.

Rolling across the room and sitting up.

December Siblings Project

December Siblings Project

Grizzle is growing up so fast. At seven and half months old he is hitting so many milestones and doing new things every single day. I love this age where it’s constant changes happening right before my eyes. I am so grateful to watch him grow up. His older siblings are amazed when they come home from school and he had learned how to roll across the room. They call it “baby tricks”. Now they want him to perform like a seal at the circus. I try to explain that baby’s don’t work like that. It’s hilarious. Grizzle also is totally obsessed with our Christmas trees. It’s a good thing he can’t crawl yet. I am pretty sure the lights and baubles would have been pulled off by now. He is a determined little soul. I foresee some battles and tantrums we are going to cross soon.

We are off to Mexico for New Year’s this year with my birthday on boxing day and Mr P’s big birthday shortly after. I can’t wait as my mom is flying to meet us there too. The kids can’t wait to be in the sun, jumping in pools, playing in the sand, and having Grandma to play along too. I don’t know which they are more excited for Christmas or Mexico? I have to say I am right there with them minus packing for five people. I don’t know about you, but I hate packing.

December Siblings Project

There is no place like home

That’s it for 2018 for us. Our little siblings grew from two to three. I have loved every second of becoming a family of five. I have always wanted three children and having a baby in the house again is absolutely magical. I just wish they didn’t grow up so fast. I can’t believe B is in juniors already as it seems only yesterday he was starting reception. MM is shortly following him in the race to grow up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a button to speed up the night terrors and slow down the playtime together?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Make a quick glance at my siblings from 2018!

Siblings December 2018


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