Snapshots & Scenes from January

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:28 am

Happy 1st of February!

I have a feeling if my January went by far too fast that’s not a good sign for the rest of the year considering that January usually is the slowest and longest month of the year. What will actual short February be like? EEEK!

We have been plowing through illnesses like nobody. It’s the worse I remember ever since the kids started school. Vomit bug, cough bug, fever after fever, it’s been nonstop here. I blame the wetter, cold climate that’s been happening. What’s with all the hail??? I think it hailed six times last week.

However, we are staying positive and trying to get on the mend as quick as possible because next month holds a huge special vacation for us. We are off to Walt Disney World in Florida. (It’s not Disneyland people, it’s Disney WORLD!) Had to just make a note of that, Disneyland is actually in California or Paris. Both equally as amazing though too. The kids are excited. I think I am already losing sleep over preparing for everything. I hope my six month pregnant body and mind can keep up with everything I have scheduled and planned. It’s action packed to say the least.

Here is a short video of our month of January’s everyday family moments to cherish.

We haven’t taken nearly as many photos as we normally do in a month with us all being so sick and the weather being so, so bad. Looking back on my phone and computer I think I would have to say it’s the least I have ever taken of my two in a month which makes me sad. I really need to pull out the dslr pronto and get outdoors. I wish the weather would warm up quick.

January Me & Mine Family Project

Pea and Ham Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes



Preparing for baby brother’s arrival with the kids and checklists.

Celebrating Daddy’s birthday!

Celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary!

Working on my pregnancy health with 5 Pilates Moves vlog!

Making Soup Topping for all this freezing weather.

The kids are on pregnancy bump watch , it’s flying by and he is kicking alot.

Family Day Out at the Waterpark!

Getting more creative with fun at home not always having to be out somewhere to make memories.



It’s a monthly linky showcasing our favorite photos or favorite video clips from the month put together in a blog post. Those clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. You can do just photos or just a video or both like me. You don’t have to be a vlogger or a photographer, this is a great linky for beginners because we are all learning along the way together.


Anyone! If you have just one favorite photo or twenty or a 60 second vlog to 5 minutes. It’s all welcome to look back on the month and share the things that make you smile and happy. Come share your favorite moments with us!

Take a peak at what the other cohosts have been doing this past month and link up below!


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4 thoughts on “Snapshots & Scenes from January”

  1. Oh Jenny, the photo of the 2 of them just after their bath is so precious! It’s one for a canvas, for sure! I also love the one of the 4 of you. It looks really natural. You make a beautiful family. Wow, Disney World next month, you say? Sounds exciting! Can’t wait to follow your adventures!!

    • Thank you so much Mel…. that bath photo I take every few years just found the first one I ever took same place, same positions I really need to do a then and now comparison they have grown up so much. I can’t believe Disney World next week!!! I have so much to do, prepare, pack and so much work to get done before then too. I hope it’s warmer and a nice vacation for us to recharge we have all been so ill for too long. Thanks hun.

  2. That photo of them both laying down after the bath is so gorgeous Jenny! Adore you video, I love MM tailing around! So cute.. xx

  3. Look at that princess dress, she is really going to enjoy Disney! Hope you have an amazing trip and love the scenes from home this month. I love the photo of you and little miss on the sofa, beautiful x


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