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When we are growing up, advice is the last thing we want to hear. As teenagers we are know-it-alls and as young adults even more so. Somewhere between young adults and adulthood reality hits. I think it’s a different age for everyone when this happens but eventually it hits us all. We rack our brains for all those years of advice our parents and loved ones older than us threw at us. Then we have children of our very own and we are back to square one and not liking all the advice that’s throw at us while we are pregnant. It’s like a second cycle of the first because as soon as that baby arrives we are once again trying to franticly remember that same advice to help guide us on being great parents. I often think about what sort of advice I want to pass onto my children as they get older. 

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The world is a scary place full of achievements and happiness to be made but also disappointment, tragedy and challenges. It’s impossible to prepare them for everything that may come their way. My kids are only 2 and 4 years old so I have plenty of time to pass on the following advice. 

To you, my children, I pass on what wisdom I can from my own life’s lessons or words passed down from my parents. You may not listen now or soon but it’s in writing here for you to look back on when you need it most. 

~ Enjoy life’s little moments as much as the big ones. Sometimes the little moments far out weigh the big moments in terms of love, memories and fulfilment.

~ Never regret but learn from your experiences and move forward. There is no point in looking back and wishing the past away. What is done is done. 

~ Love deeply, big, and loudly but always keep a piece of your heart for yourself. You must love yourself then love others just as much. Although be careful not to only love yourself.

~ Don’t hold grudges, it creates wrinkles and makes you miserable. It’s better to leave it in the past and don’t look back. Letting go of it is easier than holding onto it. 

~ Take care of yourself both mentally and physically but also enjoy the goodies in life. The trick is to find balance between them all. 

~ Make friends with your neighbors you never know when you will need a helping hand, a friend or a cup of sugar.

~ Don’t sweat the small stuff, materials can be replace, jobs can be changed, pizza can be ordered if you burnt dinner. Life is too short to create unnecessary anxiety.

~ Get a massage regularly. Life is stressful and we chase a never ending ‘to do’ list on a daily basis. Treat our bodies and minds to a release. 

~ Don’t get in over your head in big decisions in life. Follow your gut and make rash decisions not spontaneous decisions when it comes to big issues of life.

~ Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are you. Be you and be proud of who you are completely. Being different is “IN”, I promise you . 

~ Love your family, keep them close. They are the ones that will always be there no matter what from the beginning to the end. 

~ Work hard in school, it will pay off in the future. The work may be hard or tenacious but it will all mean something to you one day. You only get one chance at school so make it a good one and enjoy it. School can be fun, if you make it fun.

~ Laugh as much as possible. Laughter is the key to old age and a healthy heart.

~ Don’t be too serious about life, there are so many amazing experiences to be made and fun to be had.  

~ Treat others how you want to be treated even if they don’t follow the same motto. It’s hard to be mean to someone who is being nice so get revenge with kindness. 

~ Don’t go into debt, like the generation below you. Save a little each month, your financial father says save 10% each month and let it compound for your future. There is always a way to save so I don’t want to hear any excuses. 

~ Drive safely. There are far too many kids thinking they are race car drivers or texting these days and getting killed for it. I want you to grow old. 10 miles over the speed limit is only saving you 6 minutes to your destination. It’s really not that much is it but your life or someone else’s really is so this is one to remember. 

~ Love feels good and love can hurt. Be prepared for both but always stay YOU throughout both. Some get lost in their relationships and some become lost when relationships end. Know YOU, Be YOU, stay YOU in all outcomes of life. 

~ Trust your instincts because no one knows you better than you.

~ Be bold enough to take little risks but don’t be a risk taker, they never come out on top.

~ Have a clean mouth. Yes, brush your teeth if you don’t want dentures in the future but I mean your language. Cursing is just a lazy mind trying to express itself. It’s not cool, it’s not classy, and you just sound uneducated. “Your Momma taught you better”. 

~ Respect everyone. I was always told to respect my elders but I want you to respect everyone. When you respect everyone (almost always) everyone will respect you back.

I really could sit here and write a hundred more but I can’t bubble wrap you nor will most of my advice sink in long before it’s too late or you have already learned the hard way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just took in all our parents and grandparents golden nuggets of wisdom? 

What advice would you pass onto your children? Do you think the honesty approach is best when kids asked questions growing up or are you the sugar coating type? Would love to hear your opinion in the comment box below.

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    • Thanks darling. I could have written pages but they do have to learn things on their own too and what child will ever listen to mother and all she has to say. I know I didn’t!!! lol


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