Alton Towers, preparing for America and a present for you #littleloves

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Yes, I uttered the word Alton Towers, one that has been splashed across the headlines for the last few days and associated with sadness. After having just been on the smiler two weeks before the incident I felt completely sick to my stomach that it could have been me along with my husband right next to me and we have two small children. I just keep thinking back to standing in line having a conversation with my brother about could it crash and I am a mother I shouldn’t be putting myself at risk. All things he laughed off and told me not to be silly. Here I am actually back at Alton Towers as you read this. This post was going to be a very different one before this accident happened. It would have been one of thrills and excitement of getting to go twice to Alton Towers in such a short time. While we are still visiting the Water Park and staying at Splash Landing I can’t help but feel so sad for the victims and what happened at such a happy place.

We are preparing for America in three weeks and things could be a little quiet for the first few weeks on here while we get settled and catch up with lots of family. But I will still be flooding instagram with our holiday spam so keep watch. I apologize ahead of time for all my amazing, sunny American traveling photos as while we are there we are flying from my parents to Seattle one weekend and then to Las Vegas another weekend leaving the kids with Grandma for the first time. It will be amazing!!! Although not looking forward to packing for the three of us for two whole months! Eek!

Let’s get to the things I have been loving this week…


I am reading a real book and I haven’t thrown it across the room in frustration yet either. Are you proud of me or what? It’s called The Good Life by Martina Cole. I am just about half way through too and hoping to get some reading time when the kids crash from all day at the water park this weekend.


Some amazing news was announced this week and I was chatting away to friends and followers on twitter and up pops a CONGRATULATIONS tweet from Suzanne at 3 Children and It to me for Best Family Fun Blog in the Mad Blog Awards. I really can’t tell you how grateful and honored I am to make the finals. No one was home, kids were asleep and my mom wasn’t answering her facetime so I had to do a solo happy dance alone. I look forward to seeing so many of my favorite bloggers come September. This is all down to all of you amazing readers, followers and friends I can’t thank you enough for your votes and support the last 20 months since I started. If you haven’t already voting is now open, I would love your help once more to WIN!  Click the badge below to VOTE NOW!

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“My Expat Life” series Episode Two is scheduled for Tuesday. Don’t miss out on what everyone has been asking this time around. Remember all questions welcome from the highs and lows of life? I want to share my experience and hopefully it will prepare those that are thinking about moving abroad or those that are expats as well so people know what to expect or can relate to it. If you missed episode one, check it out HERE. Don’t forget to keep the questions coming on facebook or twitter or comment below. Would love to know what you want to know.


Absolutely loving my new kaftan from Accessorize. I pretty much lived in it in Marbella and it was so comfortable and I never really wore a kaftan until now. I think I will have to start saving up and buying more they are awesome. I always just stayed in my shorts or a summer dress. Where have I been I know! Kaftan shopping here I come.

Nikki Beach Marbella Spain Family Traveling


This week I have made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cupcakes smothered in melting white chocolate. My recipe will be up next week when I get back home. But it was one I wanted to share and leave you drooling. It is the perfect mix of healthy and treat. Taking away the chocolate chips and white chocolate on top you are left with bananas, apples, oatmeal, honey, coconut oil and seeds. What’s not to love about all that?

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

And lastly…

I am very excited to have a present for all of you amazing, loyal readers. I am hosting a giveaway to WIN a Gabriel Midnight Tea Party Dress from The Vintage Sweetheart boutique online.  If you love vintage style dresses do check them out and don’t forget to enter to win your little one a tea party dress of their own below. UK only please!



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50 thoughts on “Alton Towers, preparing for America and a present for you #littleloves”

  1. Oh my goodness, your Summer trip is so close Jenny! It seems like yesterday that you were packing up to go last year. I always love seeing your pictures of home – they make me very jealous while we’re sitting here in the rain! 🙂 Massive congratulations on the MADs too. I’m excited to see you! Xx

  2. So exciting for you going home to your family! What an exciting year you have had so far with all your trips! Those cupcakes look fab, I love something with a bite and crunch. Congrats on the MADs looking forward to meeting you and the other girls!

    • Thanks Triona. Yes we are grateful to have made the most of MM being a baby and not costing a seat and B not being in school holidays yet to cost it a fortune next year when he is. So we got it all out this year. Have loved it, although minus the illnesses. Can’t wait to be home for two months this summer. Leave in two weeks!!!

  3. Oh those cupcakes look divine, I shall be keeping an eye out for the recipe. I had exactly the same thoughts about Alton Towers when I saw the news this week. When we went for Eli’s birthday, James just ran ahead to go on Smiler; he could have been injured and we would have been off elsewhere in the park. Scary to think and so sad for those families too. I hope you have a nice time today though and can enjoy yourselves 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your Mads nomination!
    It is terrible what happened at Alton Towers isn’t it? My son was there only 2 weeks ago. It gives me the shivers to think of those poor kids.
    I bet you are super excited for your American summer holiday. I will follow it on instagram and imagine I am somewhere sunny too x

  5. Congratulations on your MADS nomination, it is well deserved. I know it’s had some sad news but I hope you enjoy your stay at Alton Towers, I love that place and I was so upset to here the news. Looking forward to reading and seeing you american summer. My parents are in Australia and I would love to go out and spend some time with them. Enjoy all the time with your family #LittleLoves

  6. Congrats on the MADS! It’s so bad about Alton Towers isn’t it? We were only there a few weeks ago too so it feels so close to home, poor people. The Smiler was shut due to technical difficulties when we were there,. it sounds like it’s had so many problems. Hope the poor people are okay x

  7. Congratulations on being a MADs finalist! Your trip home sounds amazing, bet you can’t wait! I saw your pic of the water park at Alton Towers earlier, it looks like loads of fun. My friend was on the ride 2 hours before that horrendous accident, makes you think doesn’t it. Have a great weekend x

  8. Oh Jenny those cakes look amazing! And that photo of you on the beach with your two littles is just beautiful! I can’t wait to follow your Instagram whilst you’re in America, I really hope one day I’ll get to go myself! Also I’m just off to cast my vote again, congratulations lovely 🙂

    Alex | xx

    • Thank you Alex. The cakes turned out delicious. I love a randomly made recipe with left overs in the cupboard. Oh glad someone won’t be leaving me while I am in the states. Can’t thank you enough for your support darling.

  9. Huge congrats on your nomination Jenny! Wahoo!!! That is to be celebrated. How amazing to go to America for two whole months? I know what you mean about packing though. Good luck with it! You look so gorgeous in that kaftan. It really is lovely! Have a lovely weekend! E xxxx

    • Oh thank you so very much Esther. I can’t believe it. I am so excited and nervous. Eeek! Oh yes we have lots of family and my culture to get the kids accustom to so they can have both countries a big part of their lives. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  10. I can’t believe it is nearly time for you to go home, I can imagine how excited you are, you look awesome in the Kaftan.
    Love the giveaway very beautiful xx

    • Thanks Kara you are too kind. Its so comfortable and great to cover up on the beach with the kids always pulling on me. lol Not good for a swimsuit and toddlers. lol

    • Thank you Cathy. We having a lovely time at Alton Towers for our weekend away. I need all the luck in the world darling but so honored to have made it thus far.

  11. Mmm those cupcakes really do look delicious, looking forward to trying those out 🙂 congratulations on being a finalist, exciting times! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    • Oh yes I really need to kick it in gear and get that recipe up and running. It’s worth a try. Thanks for the congrats I was so shocked but so honored and excited too. I can’t believe it still. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading and supporting LTM.

  12. I hope you still managed to have a lovely time at Alton Towers despite the sadness Jenny, so tragic and as I said to you we were just on the Smiler a week before too- I can’t believe it. CONGRATS on the blog finals, I am going to get every single person I know to vote for you haha! x

    • Oh I know it was definitely an eerie feeling and the car park empty and the restaurants at the hotel all empty too. Its was like it was all to just us with a sad feeling all around. I almost wanted to cry a few times. Bless.

  13. Such sad news about the accident. I love Martina Cole, I haven’t read the books but have watched some of the movies based on her books. Well done on the MADS, I voted 🙂 Oooooh those cupcakes. yum!! x

  14. Congrats on your MADS nominations hon! Well deserved. Loving your kaftan and those oatmeal cupcakes sound like just the right balance of naughty and nice! Hope you’re having a great week and the kids are on the mend after Marbella Xx #littleloves

  15. I am really enjoying your blog! Welldone 🙂
    Thankyou so much for giving us the chance to win this beautiful dress.

  16. Lovely dress 🙂
    Congratulations on your nomination. We also go to Alton Towers a lit snd its such a tragic accident that happened.
    Enjoy your trip to America, hopefully I will get there one day. Look forward to seeing your photos 🙂 x

    • OH it truly is, my heart goes out to the families and victims. We still had a great time and it’s a lovely place for children and the waterpark was amazing. Thank you so much I am still shocked on the nominations but so honored and grateful.


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