How to combine Soup Toppings with Cully & Sully Soup

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#TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

I love making various homemade soups. I also love store bought soup for those busy weeks where I don’t get a chance to boil, blend my favorite combinations together. For me, it’s not just a winter dish to warm me up after a cold day playing outside with the kids. Different flavors and combinations, fit different seasons. The thicker, hearty soups are great for Autumn/Winter time and the lighter, thinner soups are perfect for a light lunch in Spring/Summer. I probably eat soup at least twice a week for either lunch or dinner. It’s easy and convenient for a busy mom like me.

The most important part about eating soup and my favorite part is finding different soup toppings to add to each soup to make it special. No one likes to eat the same flavors over and over and soup toppings are the key to make one soup taste a thousand ways. So you can imagine the fun I had playing with toppings with so many Cully & Sully soups. I had hundreds of ideas to pair with each flavor they sell. We tried three soups with toppings this week, that quickly became firm favorites. 

Cully and Sully soup

The first soup up for tasting was Cully & Sully’s Creamy Tomato & Basil Soup, a firm classic that everyone loves all on it’s own.  We didn’t go crazy with toppings here as the kids wanted to slurp up this one after a cold day in the park this week. By adding a swirl of creme fraiche, parsley, pepper and extra virgin olive oil, it truly brought this store bought soup to the next level. Of course, we had fine, bakery crusty bread to dip in it. 

Toppings for Tomato & Basil Soup:

pine nuts, roasted chickpeas, basil leaves, chives, chilli flakes, feta cheese, grated cheese, croutons, fried onions or creme fraiche,

oil, parsley, pepper like we did. As you can see the list is endless to make this one soup taste so many different ways. 

tomato and basil soup cully and sully #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

tomato and basil soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

tomato and basil soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

tomato and basil soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

Next up we heated up some Cully & Sully’s Pea & Ham Soup, a great one after a hearty roasted ham dinner the night before. Everyone knows after a big roasted ham dinner, the next day you want to eat a bit lighter. Pea & Ham Soup is the perfect answer, you can use the leftover roasted ham pieces for toppings like I do. We combine roasted ham chunks, fried french onions, and whole garden peas. If you can’t think of various toppings just use the blended ingredients like ham and peas here. It’s an easy and quick way to make it taste fresh and homemade.

Toppings for Pea & Ham Soup: 

walnuts, pecans, croutons, oil, cheeses, crackers, fried onions, ham chunks, garden peas, chillis, peppers diced,

chilli flakes, peppercorns, bacon, creme fraiche or sour cream, chai seeds and of course a little crusty bread to dip in.

Pea & Ham Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

Pea and Ham Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

Pea & Ham Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

Pea and Ham Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

Last on my list was Cully & Sully’s Chicken & Vegetable Soup. This was works for any season as you can make it hearty or light depends on what you are in the mood to eat. This was hard to just pick one topping combination to try as I had hundreds of ideas for toppings which just means I can eat one soup for the next few years and it never taste the same. Soup toppings can go as far as your imagination runs. 

Toppings for Cully & Sully’s Chicken & Vegetable Soup

feta cheese, grated cheeses, chickpeas, pine nuts, shredded chicken pieces, red chillis, chilli flakes, oil, chai seeds and flaxseeds,

creme fraiche, sour cream, diced peppers, roasted sweet potato chunks, fried onions, croutons, diced steamed pototoes,

walnuts, pecans, poppyseeds, peppercorns, swirled hot sauce, tabasco sauce, bacon cooked and diced.

Vegetable Chicken Soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes  vegetable chicken soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes  vegetable chicken soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes

What do you think of my soup topping creations here? What do you top your soup with? Go on give it a try? Make all your favorite soups that much more tasty with added flavor combinations. It’s the perfect lunch or dinner option especially if you are busy like me and like to whip something tasty together quick. Think about leftovers in the fridge do you have roasted ham or chicken leftover from a big dinner, make soup toppings out of them. Vegetables you needs to use up, roast, bake or steam them for toppings on your soup for lunch the next day. It is really about using the items in your fridge up and creating some amazing tasting soup toppings. That’s how I come up with most of mine each week. 

The best thing to put with soup is some freshly baked, crusty bread on the side. Helps fill you up and perfect for dipping in. The kids love soup with bread. They have come to love my soup toppings too. 

It’s all about the way you make it. Taking a few seconds to add that bit extra goes a long way. Go on and try it! Top your soups!!! Don’t forget to pin for later reference! 

vegetable chicken soup #TheWayWeMakeIt Cully and Sully Soups recipes


*Collaboration with Cully & Sully

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  1. I saw these on your Instagram account the other day and had to pop over for a full read of the post. I’m a massive soup fan (especially chicken, that’s my favourite) so this post is right up my street. Think I might need to make some comforting soup for dinner tonight! Thanks for the topping inspiration too!!

    • Oh thanks for popping by you can’t beat a good soup and toppings just make all your favorite flavors that much more interesting. I could live on soup I swear.


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