My Winter Style {Pairing Pink & Burgundy}

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 10:12 am

It may be winter but that doesn’t mean I need to hide my pastel pink wardrobe for the season. Having mostly pale pink, white or grey clothing in my wardrobe when winter rolls around, you can bet I find a combination to go with the rest of my wardrobe instead of boxing them up for summer wear. This year, I fell head over heels in love with Pink & Burgundy together. After the purchase of my pale pink trench coat I wanted to be able to wear it all year long. What better way to do so than pairing it with some winter tones and colors. In came a whole lot of burgundy into my wardrobe. From sweaters, boots, gloves, hat, scarves, you name it, I was shopping burgundy accessories galore. It was the perfect winter style for me! I don’t know why I didn’t own any burgundy before now. 

What is your favorite winter style? 

Normally, for the school run I go for the puffer coats with fur hoods because it’s treacherous weather come the morning drop off and pick ups. But when I am out for lunch with the girls or a day out with the family, I want to be warm and trendy at the same time. Trench coats, military style jackets are more me than the puffer coats anyways. 

I never thought that burgundy suited me growing up until my kids started school and it’s their school colors and I find myself drawn to it now. Funny, I know. It is the perfect Autumn/Winter color though isn’t it? 

This burgundy sweater I picked up from Primark. Bargain! It’s got the zipper detail on the side which is perfect since I am pregnant here. It gives me that extra added room I need in the belly area and afterwards hangs nicely so you can’t see my pooch. hahaha I love a soft sweater. 

Even my jeans have burgundy stitching on the back pockets and inside seam which you can slightly see in the photo of me sitting on the stairs below. I find a light, blue wash pair of jeans helps the pink and burgundy pop. When I paired it with darker wash jeans, it didn’t give off that color contrast as well! 

Of course, I had to go with some pink and burgundy sunglasses to finish it off. It may be winter but that winter sun can still be blinding. I got these in the Tiffany Co. sale last year. Love them. They are super light weight and take on the tones of your clothes. 

Winter Style doesn’t have to be all black and grey. I know it’s hard to break into color in your wardrobe especially if you aren’t used to it. But play around with various styles and colors you never thought you would wear. I did and it turns out it’s my new favorite color. Find things that match the majority of your wardrobe too. Don’t pick a red top and think you can make it your go to color if it goes with nothing in your wardrobe. I choose burgundy as this winter’s accent color because I knew it would go with pinks, greys, neutrals and whites that already take over my closet. I wouldn’t have picked a color like orange because I don’t have anything to pair it with. But if you have a lot of black, grey, and white than colors like orange would work especially burnt orange. 

It’s easy to find a new look or style for each season without resorting the same old clothes you normally go for. Think outside the box and take a few more minutes putting something together and you will be amazed at how much better it feels to get dressed up and feel trendy. It’s all about how you feel in your clothes! Everyone is different.

What do you think about pairing PINK & BURGUNDY together for a winter style? 

Winter Style pairing Pink and Burgundy Together

Huge, huge thank you to the my beautiful photographer friends who always support me, help me embrace photos of myself being taken rather than behind the camera, encourage me in my business and private life, and for these gorgeous captures. We had a great day out for a mini photoshoot in Liverpool together and laughed hard, caught up and celebrated a birthday too!

Thank you, Sarah, Colette, and Karen!


8 thoughts on “My Winter Style {Pairing Pink & Burgundy}”

  1. These photos of you are gorgeous Jenny! So stylish.
    I love how we are the opposite colour and clothing wise. Here’s me with a post on capsule wardrobes and emracing my love of black clothes, so funny! xx

  2. Lovely outfit and such lovely colours on you. I don’t wear pink all that much as I feel as though it washes me out a little – but it is such a lovely colour and looks great with your jeans! 🙂 Jess xx

  3. Great pictures Jenny!! I look absolutely gorgeous in them, isn’t it amazing to have fellow bloggers who understand the kind of shots you’re after and make you feel comfortable (well as comfortable as it’s ever going to get, anyway). I really love your jeans, I like a slightly distressed look to my jeans and there are fab!! Also these colours are brilliant on you ; ) xxxx

    • Oh thank you hunny, it was that weird stage between people looking at my belly thinking has she gained weight or having a baby? It is great but just wish they all lived way closer to me. Selfish I know. You are so kind hunny, thank you. Yes, my favorite blue jeans ever.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous style Jenny, burgundy is a colour that i’ve always loved – I think it goes with most things and suits many skin tones. These photographs are stunning and that bag too – where’s it from? It’s a perfect spring bag 🙂


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