Pregnancy: 23 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm


Wow, almost nearing the end of my second trimester, how in the world does that happen? Well, life happens and lately it’s happening far too quick. We have so much going on I don’t think I have time to think about time. We have half term in two weeks already….weren’t we just off for Christmas?

Either way, I am so excited as we gave the kids the huge news we are off to Disney World Florida for half term. I think I can just about waddle through the theme parks at this stage in my pregnancy but not long after. It came up quick. I feel like we only just begun to countdown for it with all the excitement and it’s almost here. I am trying to get holiday clothes for the kids as it’s about 75 degrees now there. I have no idea what to wear myself, been trying on summer dresses with tennis shoes. Need those comfy shoes to help keep my back in check. I really pray baby just is nice and happy in there and doesn’t cause any major aches and pain hiccups to ruin the holiday. I also have been praying like mad that my vertigo stays away. It’s been really bad this week, worse it’s been since I came home from America with it back in August. I am slightly worried the flying is not going to be my friend. I have a lot against me for the one of the biggest holidays we have ever taken and I just need it to run smoothly. If you follow my blog you will know we are some what cursed for holidays with my eldest boy usually end up in a hospital at some point on EVERY holiday we have ever taken. I just really need this one to not be like the others.

I have been doing well in the gym. Not too forceful but making an attempt to go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday even if it’s just for a 30 minute HIT class or run on the treadmill. I feel better for it even if it takes me everything I have to go after the school drop off to kick start the day. I am hoping this helps with labor and getting back to my original shape or close to it after baby is born. I found MM’s birth way, way easier having worked out the entire time whereas B was harder birth and I didn’t work on once. I am not sure this is related but I am keeping on that positive thinking it was. Nothing to do with MM coming shortly after her brother a year later and him paving the way for her being my first. hahahaha Denial is a beautiful, blind thing.




This week the number one question everyone is asking me: HOW ARE YOU FEELING? 

With catching every known illness my first 20 weeks and more recently this week battling a very bad dose of bronchitis, it seems that’s all I ever talk about to anyone about. How I can’t stop coughing? This poor baby only knows Mommy’s hoarse, cold voice and now my real one because I think I have been ill the entire time so far. I was never ill with my other two pregnancies. As this is my last it’s not helping make it a lovely last pregnancy I have to admit. Coughing and SPD are not friends. I have learned the hard way about that. I practically need to stop walking and cross my legs just to cough. It’s not pretty folks. 


I am still on the war path of salty foods which I think is the result of all this bloating. I have really bloated this week. In my hands, feet, face and even belly just had a growth spurt. Everyone keeps commenting on how huge I am, I think in reality I am not that big people are just used to be being a size 6. And a bump looks big on a size 6 no longer. But you mind as well say, god you are getting fat to my face, it’s not nice to hear and yet I am told each day with gasps from those around me – YOU ARE HUGE! GRRR…..

Another craving change for me, I started out wanting everything beef than ate so much steak and mince I thought I was over it. We are back to wanting beef again folks. I had the best steak I have ever tasted the other night and I am drooling for another one already. Good thing it’s our ten year wedding anniversary this week! Bring on the fillet!

As mentioned baby bump has grow loads this week after having a few weeks off, I don’t blame it. According to my bump app, baby is gaining fat now. Let’s hope not too much it does have to come out. EEK. I often wonder what size or weight he will be… both my first two pregnancies having the same exact due date, were born the same exact weight and height despite one stayed in my belly five whole weeks longer than the latter. This brings me to my next guess if baby will come a month early like his sister or two weeks late like his brother??? My due date really is a span from April to June….the midwives all like to joke about a three month due date.


At 23 weeks pregnant, we are well on our way to cooked. It’s flying by and I haven’t really started getting anything prepared in terms of the house or baby clothes. I did clean out my closet and score three drawers in the dresser for baby clothes since he won’t have a nursery right away as we are building in the loft. I have ideas of the kind of side crib I want for our room for him while we are cohabitants. Other than that I got my first real baby idea the other day in the mail, a new diaper bag. Am I am the only one totally obsessed with diaper bags???? It’s like getting a new handbag, I love them.

Now, I really need to start getting essentials. Things like plain white vests, sleepers, sheets, diapers, etc. I have nothing from my first two as we never thought we would have a third baby. It’s kind of thrown me for a loop as I had everything the second time around washed, stored and ready from the moment I found out she was a she. I love being organized early it gives me a sense of calm and this time I feel like I am totally winging it. It’s alright to wing it right?

I hope you enjoy reading my pregnancy diaries and following along with our growing family. If you are pregnant or just had a baby and write about it, come share on my new linky for bloggers and vloggers, on BUMPS & BABIES. Anything from pregnancy, birth, weaning, maternity, baby gear, and baby’s milestones up to their first birth are welcome!!!! It’s a great place to share all things babies with others. 

13 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 23 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. Really hope you start to feel better and the next trimester is a little easier on you heal wish. You look amazing and glad you are doing ok. I think my third pregnancy took its toll on me and my body, it is hard going. hugs xx

    • I am positive in hoping that the third trimester is going to be golden for me. I am so excited to meet little dude I think I won’t care if I am still coughing and ill hahaha or at least I am trying to rise above it. I think each time is a little harder but yes definitely different third time around in my thirties rather than in my twenties.

  2. Wow 23 weeks already?! Time does fly! Fingers crossed the vertigo stays away that must be even worse to suffer with when expecting! How exciting your off to Florida for half term, that’s on my to do list when my two are older. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly for you all! X

    • Yes me too, lovely. Thank you. It really is flying. When I write these posts I am actually already 3/4 days into the week I am on so it soon turns 24 weeks after putting publish it makes it almost go faster. We can’t wait to share our adventures next week. Hope it all goes smoothly. We are due a break.

  3. I am 20 weeks and like you have had an awful dose of bronchitis and feel like I am coming down with a virus again – I don’t remember being this sick in my previous pregnancies either – I think it must be that this time I have children in school / preschool. Hope you feel better soon. My main craving is cheese! And I hope you have a truly amazing time in Disneyland and you are not too uncomfortable. #bumpsandbabies

    • It’s constant this time pregnant for me I am catching every bug known to man. I wish it would stop already. Still coughing like mad now after antibiotics twice. Hope you feel better soon too lovely. Hard to be sick and pregnant and get on with everything else too. Can’t beat some cheese too! YUM!

  4. You look fabulous! And I am in equal parts jealous and in awe of you going to Disney World whilst pregnant! I was totally like you though, feeling like I needed to get prepared but time just flying by so quickly! We’ve only just started the nursery at 38 weeks pregnant! Thanks for hosting #bumpsandbabies, I’m looking forward to joining in each week!

  5. You look fabulous! And I am in equal parts jealous and in awe of you going to Disney World whilst pregnant! I was totally like you though, feeling like I needed to get prepared but time just flying by so quickly! We’ve only just started the nursery at 38 weeks pregnant! Thanks for hosting #bumpandbabies, I’m looking forward to joining in each week!

    • I think I will be with you doing the nursery those final weeks. I am so excited for you joining in each week how exciting. I love reading and following along from everyone’s bumps and pregnancies to their baby’s first birthday. It’s lovely. Don’t forget to share your nursery with us too. I am a little nervous I won’t keep up in Disney but I will give it a go.

  6. Oh wow you have a lot going on at the moment. I’ll keep everything crossed that your holiday goes well which sounds amazing. I totally agree that time is whizzing by so I’ve already started to think about making sure I have all the essentials including hospital bag, washing etc. It was only the other day working out my maternity leave that I realised that my due date falls during the May school holidays which is going to be a bit of a pain x

    • Thanks Lisa, yes it seems to be my thing to keep our calendar bursting somehow I try to make it simple and no plans and each day just fill up with things.I can’t wait for next week hope it goes smoothly slightly nervous with my dizziness but working as hard as I can to keep it at bay. It’s good to be prepared early for sure. My due date is the bank holiday school holidays too for us. What will I do with the other two eeek.

    • Oh Kim I hope you are right. I am SO nervous something will ruin this trip and it’s one I have been waiting for years to take my kids so I want it just perfect. Fingers crossed. I am hoping I get some relief soon this pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as my other two that’s for sure.


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