Baby Boy is 7 Months Old

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:11 pm

A baby in a white vest lies on a white mat with text on it indicating that he is 7 months old

I always knew with each child things that I did for one wouldn’t necessarily be the case for the second and definitely not the third. It’s not because we love each child less or don’t put the effort in it’s because we are twice or thrice the more busy with three kids in tow. I vowed I would try my best to always be fair when I had Grizzle. I didn’t want him to grow up and open his baby book to find that it was empty. (as I had done to my own baby book and filled out when I was age 11 by asking my mother and siblings as much information as possible).

For me, this is one of the reasons I started this blog when my second was only weeks old and I felt like I was either forgetting all the little things when my first was born and not being able to share our everyday milestones and adventures with family back home in America. So from that moment, I have tried my best to document all three as they grow and change together and as individuals.

I never foresaw how fast life would be with three children, two in school and sports, and newborn on the hip with a full time job and a house to keep up with. Yup, that’s more than busy right there.

Somewhere in the last two weeks Grizzle turned 7 months old. I had a slight panic in the night as I was rocking him back to sleep that I have haven’t written his 7 month milestone post nor done his video appearance for his 7 month celebration. I am lucky I even took the 7 month snap on my instagram. Those are little minor things, but things that I want to look back on and cherish not miss. Better late than never, here is Grizzle’s 7 month update.

A baby wears a yellow and white sleep suit, lying on a rub with 3 sheep dolls next to him

7 Months Old Milestones

On the crawling…

He is scooting back and forth and heaven knows he wants to move but just can’t quite figure it out yet. I am okay with that because once he starts moving around the house, my job gets that much harder. There will be no sitting and clapping while Mommy does the laundry or dishes, no rolling around at my feet while I just send that work deadline through to the client, I won’t even be able to leave the room with our house not the best for baby proofing especially with all the Christmas decor out. So baby boy you can stay put for now please. I also don’t want him growing up too fast. I want him to wait for each milestone and not rush through them. I felt like he sat up, fed himself and got two bottom teeth all in a day. We are in no rush to move quiet yet.

On the sitting up…

Grizzle’s new favorite game is to be sitting up and then randomly with no warning, throw himself back as hard as he can. Mostly Mommy is sat behind him or a BIG pile of pillows to break this fall but I really wish this wasn’t a habit. I foresee a few head bounces before he realizes this isn’t the smartest trick to learn.

He is doing better and more solid, sitting up now. The kids are loving him being upright and constantly trying to entertain him. It’s hilarious.

On the eating…

Grizzle is on three full chunky meals a day. Now at 7 months we have moved on from purees to slightly more chunky food and starting more of a baby led weaning where we give him soft foods we are eating. He is great at feeding himself and drinking from his sippy cup himself too.

I feel like his hand coordination gets better each day and he understands to grab food or cup and put it to his mouth. We have a few slight tantrums when he bites his own fingers. Oops.

We are down to only four breast feeds a day and it really makes a difference to schedule feed with his meals too. I know what time he eats and needs drinks and we can schedule our busy lives around it to fit. Just means I am a little more prepared too for days out and what I need to bring when we leave the house.

On the sleeping…

He was doing so well up until six months old. All the sudden he got a bug and was proper sick. He was screaming the house down for days. It almost killed us all. Even his siblings were being woke up and disturbed. It was hell, I am not going to sugar coat it. It took three weeks to get him back into a routine again, bless him, and bless me. We finally are back to sleeping from 7pm to 6:30/7am. He seems to be less likely to hit 7am lately but at 6:30 that’s still 11 and half hours of sleep, I am ok with that. I just need to learn to go to bed before midnight myself.

On the personality…

Because of course at this age, you start to see the baby’s persoanlity really forming and coming out. He is cooing, laughing, proper belly giggling, reaching out with smiles, making facial expressions of distaste if he doesn’t like something and everything that goes with learning to communicate. He does this hilarious nose wrinkle and grunt when he is telling you he doesn’t want anymore to eat or drink. Funny enough, B used to do it too. It brought back so many memories. I can’t stop laughing when he does it every time, then he looks at me like “what are you laughing at Mommy?”

That’s baby Grizzle this month…still so full of grizzle it was the best nickname we could have come up with although at times I find we call him Gremmy for short for Gremlin. He really is a Gremlin cute but that cry is deadly!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Boy is 7 Months Old”

  1. Wow, he looks so like your eldest boy! He really isn’t living up to the nickname ‘Grizzle’ any more is he? So smiley 🙂 I remember those busy days with 3 little ones and all the demands that come with that Jenny, I hope you’re being kind to yourself and finding time to relax in amongst it all. xx

  2. He’s so gorgeous Jenny! I remember the second half of the first year being when all the really big changes and developments happen – crawling, rolling, sitting, walking, teeth, weaning! Lots of fun and definitely a time for being kept on our toes! I hope you all have a wonderful time together, especially as it’s his first Christmas. Fingers crossed we get to catch up in person next year.


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