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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 03:54 pm

No guidelines, rules, regulations or editing. It is all just going to come out in various forms. That’s how it is being an American living in the UK and married to an Englishman.  Things like “Fanny” get me into trouble. There is no warning label of falling in love with someone from another country and moving across the world to be with them! I have no filter so I probably offend half of England and repulse the other with my OTT tactics of life. What’s wrong with that? I have two beautiful children  (2 yrs and 10 weeks old ) that keep me busy! I am a first time author ” When Love & Culture Collide” and have millions of notebooks filled with ideas, short stories, poems, and thoughts that have yet to be read or heard. I have started a blog to do just that and get them out in the open. Most of all I want the practice of writing. I like the idea of a blog so I can stick to what’s important, the subject of the material written instead of the “grammatics” of it all. So I am letting it flow without hiding behind my editor. It feels naked, raw, and more personal.  Would love feedback of any kind and comments are very welcome!!!

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