Three Siblings in April

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:11 pm

three siblings in april brothers and sisters

This month these three have been like the three amigos getting into as much mischief as possible. I can now catch the older two trying to get the baby to do something he shouldn’t now that he is on the move and then say they didn’t do it Baby O did it. Yeah, right! I am totally onto them. I love that they are still totally obsessed with their baby brother but lately it’s getting to the point where Baby O wants space. He wants them to stop picking him up, hugging him, holding him, trying to feed him or fight for his constant attention. He likes a little more space to roam around, playing with the toys he wants to instead of the constant in his face when his two older siblings are present. But at the same time, he loves their attention. Who else would pick up a toy for the hundredth time in his highchair while he eats his lunch? Not, me!

It’s been a very busy month for us. In preparing for our big America trip this week, I have probably clocked more hours of work than ever before. I am planning on a little vacation from work while I am on vacation. Imagine that, not working on vacation, I don’t know what that’s even like. For six years, I have documented every move on social media while on holiday, constantly keeping up with work commits no matter what side of the globe I am on. So it’s a much deserve time off for the Easter holidays and my brother’s wedding coming up.

The kids have been off for a crazy amount of time this month too. With the way Easter holidays fell it meant they had two weeks off before we actually go on holiday. Not ideal but that’s when my brother picked for his wedding day and so we have an extra few days off after Easter break. But we have the homework stocked and books to read to keep up. I think it’s so important that we get to experience and be with my American family on big occasions with my kids. I want them to be apart of both worlds and both cultures as much as possible. It’s educating them on big things than just math or english, right?

three siblings in april brothers and sisters


Baby O on the move and chasing him around the house.

Playing holiday which means they fill every backpack with every toy and the house gets wrecked in the process.

Jumping on the bouncy castle now that the sun has come out to play.

Playdates and birthday parties during the Easter break.

Getting a long break from school to see family.

Packing for America and preparing for their hot holiday in the sun.


three siblings in april brothers and sisters

I love having three kids. I always imagined myself with three children. I feel blessed to have them all in my life. They keep my grounded when I need it most and even when it can be a little chaotic (or a lot chaotic) I wouldn’t change it for the world. It doesn’t matter what country we are in as long as I am with my three amigos here. I hope their bond and love for each other continues to blossom and grow and they are as close to each other as I am to my own siblings. Siblings are one of life’s greatest gifts and experiences if you are lucky to have even just one!

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