Pregnancy: 35 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

pregnancy 35 weeks bump watch pregnant diaries

I am keeping my promise of a happier, positive documenting these last few weeks of my last pregnancy. I got a bit emotional the other night as I know it’s only a few weeks and I will never be pregnant again. I know how much I missed my bump the first two times and I am not ready for that part yet. The happy kicks and constant reminders of what our amazing bodies can do is priceless. Ill or not.

I have been taking a slower pace to work, to house stuff, and we have been having a lot of family chilled out days at home. I am trying to soak up the last bit with having just two kids in the house too. Giving them as much attention as I possibly can and talking openly what it will be like with a baby in the house when he arrives. I want them to be involved and not feel pushed out when all eyes are on the baby. I am aware they have SO many questions and I answer them the best I can. We had a big imaginary play day the other day with MM’s dolls being baby brother. I was teaching them how to hold him safely with Mommy and Daddy’s permission only. What they can and can’t do with baby brother. They were so cute practicing talking softer when the baby was sleeping and singing songs to it. MM even made up a song about a sister always being there for her baby brother and I cried my eyes out. They have so much love to give this little baby.

At 35 weeks + 3 days always feels weird to get into the last month of countdown. But also you only hear from family, friends and even strangers a constant, “NOT LONG TO GO”. Well, technically if I am late it’s a very long time to go. haha I just smile and nod. It’s easier to do so then explain how it works. I am a bit giddy if I am honest. Sleeping isn’t great so my mind is racing with when will he arrive. I wake up each morning thinking, “will today be the day I have my last baby?” Having had my daughter this early, it very well could be but I have been told boys are lazier and my son came two weeks late. The bets are on people! What is your verdict: LATE OR EARLY?

pregnancy 35 weeks bump watch pregnant diaries



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: “ARE THE KIDS SO EXCITED FOR THE BIRTH?” 

Yes, they won’t stop asking me every morning, “Mommy, are you having the baby today?” It’s a never ending conversation that I think it making these last few weeks drag on and on. It’s pretty much been on lightening speed until now. I always feel like the end all the sudden halts on time. While it really could be anytime now, it feels weird to say I have four and half weeks left until my due date. That seems ages off when just a few weeks ago it seemed weird to say next month I am due. I am glad really, helps me soak up my last pregnancy as much as possible. The kids on the other hand are not so patient.


Growing, growing, growing. How could I still be growing? Hahaha, about this time last pregnancy, I was smaller and giving birth early. This time with my first I was relatively the same size but I stopped growing bigger everywhere those last few weeks. I think because this baby knows he is my last baby and the third child he just wants to one up his siblings. I wouldn’t be surprised if I triple in size in the next few weeks and go two weeks late.




I want to eat everything I can get my hands on. It’s unusual for me to be such a glutton at the end. That’s normally me at the beginning. I just can’t get full which is odd because there isn’t a lot of room left in this belly for food. I tend to eat about six small snacks a day than meals so maybe this is better in the end. Either way, my head has been in the fridge and hands in the cookie jar far too much this week.


It’s nesting and cleaning time. I have been trying to scrub what needs scrubbing, tidy what needs tidying, and organizing as much of baby’s clothes, gear, and things we will need at the beginning. Each day, I feel like I did a lot than the house is still dirty and my list is still long. Keeps the next day interesting I suppose. We are ready though.

Come on baby boy!

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