Pregnancy: 34 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

Pregnancy Diaries 34 weeks bump watch pregnant prego baby milestones pregnancy updates

I am so excited to say I am DUE next month. I am in the home stretch now. In fact, had my daughter this time next week which is surreal to think about. I definitely feel the starting of birth. I always due a few weeks before I give birth. I can feel the head engage, the feet are up kicking my ribs and every so often he head butts my pelvic floor so hard I think it’s the start and it takes my breathe away. In a good way. I always feel so powerful giving birth especially right afterwards. I am so excited to have this baby. Our bodies are little miracles and I will be forever grateful that mine has allowed me to experience having three babies.

I am trying to soak every last day of pregnancy up in a positive way no matter how many ailments I have or get along the way. I have been whining far too long in my last pregnancy when I should have been embracing it. This is the last time I will ever be pregnant. The last time a baby will kick me and roll around in my belly. The last time I will watch my belly grow to a big beautiful bump. I have loved being pregnant despite the health problems along the way even if I haven’t said it enough. I want this baby to know I cherished growing him inside me. None of my health problems are really related to baby, he has been healthy and happy the whole time. It’s just been other things masking this beautiful journey of mine. I am not letting it mask my excitement or the end of it anymore.

So hoooray for baby coming soon. I hope you have loved my pregnancy diaries as much as I have loved sharing them with all of you. It’s been such a wonderful experience to document my last pregnancy on my blog as I didn’t get to with my first two pregnancies. Fingers cross for a smooth birth like his siblings and baby spam to come.

Pregnancy Diaries 34 weeks bump watch pregnant prego baby milestones pregnancy updates



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: “How is your sleeping now?” 

You get to the stage that last month where sleeping gets difficult and hit or miss. It’s hard to find that comfortable position at night or once you found it, it doesn’t last long at all. With my dizziness I can’t sleep on my right side either and flat on my back feels like I can’t breathe with baby bump so big now. So my only position to choose is on my left and I find myself waking at regular intervals at night. 1am and 4am which to me is just my body getting ready for those scheduled night feeds which I used to do right at 1am and 4am with the other two. I almost laugh when I roll over and it’s exactly 1am on the dot a week in a row. But I still feel rested during the day so that’s a bonus. My body is adjusting to these wake ups already preparing me for what’s to come.


In my third pregnancy, I think I have experienced every symptom of pregnancy. I think my body knew it was my very last pregnancy and wanted to be extra experienced in this department. But I have turned a positive corner pulled myself out of my moaning stage which I pretty much have done these past 34 weeks on my pregnancy diaries. It’s my last pregnancy so body changes that aren’t welcome are welcome, they are reminder of what I am creating and growing inside me. I feel so grateful for my body to be able to do this, veins popping, bump bulging or not.

My bump is the biggest bump I have had at this stage in my pregnancy from all three. I was told I am holding extreme amounts of water and that it doesn’t mean the baby is going to be big. In fact, the 4D Scan I had the other week estimate baby’s weight about 7.5lbs which is what my other two babies were exactly. I was a little worried about stretch marks because I am bigger than I have ever been before too. I watch daily for them to appear as fast as my purple veins on my legs are appearing. Our bodies can only hand so much.


Salt is a craving of the past. I am now lucky enough to even fit a meal in my belly without feeling sick or food coma due to lack of room. I wake up hungry which is such a rare thing for me so I am sticking to my oatmeal with honey and fresh fruit. I have never been a breakfast fan. I prefer a coffee and wait until midday to eat anything. This baby has other plans and has been salivating when I wake up. I am not as hungry at night. It’s like my digestion routine is all backwards as I used to be a big eater in the evenings. Let’s how my metabolism stays this way. They say it’s healthy to eat big breakfast and small dinners.


We are ready. He can come any day. We had our maternity photos this weekend which if you saw a sneak peak on my facebook page, Robyn Swain did an amazing job. I can’t wait to share them. The car seat and bags are packed. It’s crazy to think I had my daughter at next week gestation. I am so excited to meet him though I never wanted to rush the end of my pregnancies before now. I think I wanted to be pregnant as much as I wanted a baby before now all I am bothered with is a healthy baby in my arms. I find I am a lot less patience this time around to meet him.

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