Back to routines, New Wedges and Baking with the Kids

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:57 pm

We are back to routines, back to school, back to work and sorted of back to normal today for me. The kids went back yesterday and gave me time to clean the house and get caught up on emails. Today, I even  managed a gym session and to drive five minutes down the road without any problems. Hopefully everything is looking up for the better.

Officially now on baby watch. Friends and family alerted. Had to have a growth scan this week other than being told I will have a 10/11lb baby which turns out that they get this wrong a lot, everything is fine. I had my daughter around this time but my son was two weeks late so it could be any day or any week now. Daddy has his phone on and it’s all getting a bit exciting. To say the kids are ecstatic wouldn’t even cover it. I get asked every morning, “will baby come today”. They just want him here as much as I do. Or maybe one more week and then I am ok with him showing up. Mommy has a to do list to get through first. Do babies ever listen to their mommas though?

THIS WEEK I AM LOVING…read reading

I am desperately trying to finish Lost for Words. If you likes Keeper of Lost Things, it’s the book for you. It is a slow starter, a slow read and you must have patience. Maybe one for the beach when you have the time and are chilled out. I wanted something to take my mind of things, a page turner and it’s just not that so it’s taking me longer to get through than I thought. So in the middle of it, I started Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon. It was an amazon recommendation based on the books I have already read so we shall see. Verdict out.

Christy's England Luxury Bedding Towels Linens peonia pink charcoal grey bedding duvet sets duvet cover giveaway

heard listening to

Have you heard about my interior giveaways. Last week, a friend and loyal reader won £100 Sainsbury Home Voucher and this week I am hosting another fab interior giveaway to WIN a set of luxury Bedding and Towel Set from Christy’s England. It’s the softest and coziest bedding ever. If you don’t like the grey and pink color theme, they said you can pick your own. ENTER HERE….

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watched watch

I apologize last week’s video for some reason didn’t work so would love you to pop over and see our WDW Magic Kingdom experience. This week, I am sharing a big Newborn Essentials Shopping Haul with so many amazing products they never had out when I had my other two babies. I am so excited to try them out. It’s all baby arrival preparations on the go now. Would love if you could leave a comment on my video please telling me what your favorite baby product was when you had your little ones. I hope I haven’t missed any of the essentials out.

wore wear fashion

I am trying my best to stay comfortable but not wear the same four tops with the same black leggings every day. I have two workout outfits I live in and other than that it’s pjs at home. But I have bought a few accessories and bits to cheer me up in the wardrobe category including these wedge shoes and handbag for Spring. The weather is forecasted to warm up after next week so I am so excited to wear these soon.

Next Wedges Bag Earrings

made making

I did a Spare Bedroom Makeover this week. It has had the same bedding for years now and it’s something I don’t often change as it usually changes the look of the whole room when you change the main focus of bedding. I am so pleased with the results though. Having family and friends always staying over each week, it was time to give them a little oasis to snuggle into. I went with grey and dust pink color theme as this is pretty much my color scheme in my entire house. It’s easier to keep the neutral greys and whites and add a pop of color. My lust is of dust pink for sure at the moment.

Christy's England Luxury Bedding Towels Linens peonia pink charcoal grey bedding duvet sets duvet cover giveaway

We also made Eggless Sugar Cookies the last night of our Easter holidays. The kids ran into the kitchen while I was cooking dinner with their cute little aprons on and said can we bake something. What else is a momma to do but pull out the flour and sugar and see what we can come up with that is fun, quick and yummy. Although the kids had a blast making them in turns out that B hates sugar cookies even ones he can eat. So he opted for raisins instead. Next time, we are trying Eggless Oatmeal Cookies or Flapjacks which is more his taste. I love spur of the moment baking with my kids.

routines and baking with my kids

and lastly to share

I have to say instagram has kept me sane in my four weeks of not driving and not being able to do much of anything else. It has become my conversation place to go for encouragement like twitter used to be for me. My little hashtag community has been so supportive. I love sharing the big instagrammers I love as much as the just starting out instagrammers on my feed. It’s hard enough to be seen and heard on there and I think we all should support each other as much as possible especially as they keep changing things on us. Here are some interior and fashion favorites this week from #lifecloseup. Click the photo to follow some new instagrammers!

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12 thoughts on “Back to routines, New Wedges and Baking with the Kids”

  1. How exciting, you are on the final countdown now. I wouldn’t worry too much about the estimated size of the baby too much, I’ve been told the same thing in two of my pregnancies and both were born of average size. I’ve got The Keeper Of Lost Things on my shelf so I will definitely check that one out too. It looks like you had a fun impormptu baking session with the kids. Hope you have a lovely weekend x #littleloves

    • No I have given up worrying about it. It has to come out either way. hahahaha I am just impatient and excited now. I want him here already. The kids are over the moon about his pending arrival making the last few weeks drag on. I love a bit of baking with my two especially when it’s their idea. Makes it more interesting to see what’s in the cupboard.

  2. I just realised you have the same wallpaper in your guest bedroom as I have on one wall in my lounge (my landlady’s choice, I much prefer it in your bedroom). It looks lovely with the pink bedding. Love your new shoes. Here’s hoping you get to wear them and little one doesn’t put in an appearance too soon. Can’t imagine you with a massive baby, you’re tiny! Perhaps that big bump is full of water. Enjoy the sunshine x

    • Can’t beat some laura ashley wallpaper. I think it looks different in various rooms and lighting for sure. Thanks hunny. New shoes always cheer a lady up. I hope you are right on the water. hahahaha

  3. Ah it so exciting not long now although this baby looks like a big one! It lovely how your two are so excited about it too. I love you shoes and bag ha ha we are definitely on the same wave length, I think is longing for summer and sunshine but I feel like we are getting there a bit now with more sunny days and a heat wave on the way. Cant wait for a catch up soon my lovely x

    • I know who knows sooner rather than later. The weather is warming up too for those stroller walks around the park. I can’t wait. It’s all on final countdown. Can’t wait for summer to arrive, already. Countdown to America for us now.

  4. Ah Jenny you will be soon a mommy to 3, how exciting for you all, and lovely to see the children so excited to see your family grow. I love your spare bedroom makeover. Having done our bedroom last week, I am struggling to find the right bedding so I will pop over and check out the Christy website. Hope you get to put your feet up now the children are back at school x

  5. So exciting to be nearly there now! I’ve been loving your video’s lately – really making me itch to get back to WDW that’s for sure! Fingers crossed the next installment of #littleloves we will have baby news 🙂 Good luck lovely!


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