Grateful to put our toes in the Sand

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:39 am

I am a mother of two little ones. Sometimes at a drop of a hat I need to get us out of the house and entertained especially when the weather is nice. We have to take advantage of the nice days we do get in England so I am always ready to jump in the car put other things on hold. The laundry can wait as can the dishes. While my kids are young I want to experience and enjoy as many days out as I can with them. 

Last weekend, it was a dark and rainy day. I didn’t want it to be another weekend indoors so I started googling surrounding areas to see what the weather was like elsewhere. Luck was on our side as the weather forecast for the beach we love so much, said it was blue skies and sunny. Since it’s only a thirty minute or so drive from us, we grabbed our bags and went for it. As I drove down the motorway with wipers on full blast, I hoped the weather forecast was right. 

We got there with blue skies above us just as promised and the kids had their buckets and shovels ready. We didn’t need anything grand to have a good time, we were just grateful to put our toes in the sand. There is nothing better than that soft, cool feeling of the sand going in between your toes and the sun beaming down on you. It takes me back to my childhood every time. I can see if does magical things to my kids as well. They instantly ripped off their shoes and socks and dived in. 

Granny was with us on our mad dash for the sun. I think she was in disbelief that we actually could find the weather and it ended up being the best chilled out day on the beach with the kids. Granny and I watched the birds singing, people flying kites, laying out on the blanket while the kids buried their legs in the sand, built sandcastles, and had races up and down the beach. We went home with happy memories, sun kissed cheeks, and sand all over us. Even after the bath, I swear I could still smell the beach on them as I kissed them good night. 

We are lucky to live in a beautiful place that has numerous places to visit at the drop of the hat. I am glad I didn’t sit on the sofa and moan about the weather which I often do. We are making an effort to get out more rain or shine and explore more our local surroundings. And it just makes it that much more special when we can do it in the sunshine. 

Being a mother of two little ones, has made me realize how precious mother nature is too. I see it through their eyes more these days. I see how much energy they can get from the fresh air. I see how happy they become on the beach or swimming in a lake. I see how much a walk through the bluebell forest or a play at the park leaves sparks in their eyes. They love the outdoors and all that it has to offer. I love watching them and exploring it with them to it’s fullest.

It’s these ordinary moments that I cherish the most. The ones I dreamt about having with my children long before I had children. Do you ever have those moments where you feel overwhelmingly happy with how your life turned out? That having two beautiful kids, giggling together, beside you is better than anything else in the world. My life has changed so much having them in it. When life gets busy and routines are in place and you are rushing from here to there on a daily basis it’s easy to forget this feeling or to remember to stop and take it in when it does happen. 

We stayed until the dark clouds finally caught up with us and said goodbye to the beach until the next time we visit. I think next time we might plan ahead and rent a beach hut out for a different experience. There is so much to do at Lytham, St Annes beach. You could spend a lovely weekend there easily with the whole family from beach huts, playing on the beach, mini train ride, play parks, outdoor trampolining, carnival rides, the pier, arcades, and much more. (this isn’t promoting them, we just spend a lot of time here). 

Where do you go at the drop of a hat to entertain the kids? Is it somewhere local or do you road trip to your adventures? I would love to know in the comments below. 

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5 thoughts on “Grateful to put our toes in the Sand”

  1. The events of Monday night has really made me realise how important it is to live in the moment and appreciate the everyday. Being able to take off like this to the beach, at a moment’s notice, is what it’s all about. I love watching my girls run free. It looks like you made a great decision to go to the beach and your pictures are just lovely xx

  2. I absolutely love this. It’s so nice to have a spontaneous lovely day – and I really don’t do it enough. It looks like the kids had a great time x

  3. Oh I love this type of adventure, I always look for what the weather is doing elsewhere as often I think it’s a completely different picture, and we love Lytham too. You can’t beat a day at the seaside. For us it’s either here or Trentham. Gorgeous photos Jenny X #wrc


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