Lace Blazers, Another Mother’s Day and Ten Years Ago #littleloves

It’s the weekend! I feel like this week has been a long one. We have had kids birthday parties, school activities, and even a 10 year anniversary of when my husband and I met in Mexico. Even though it’s been a busy week it’s ran smooth and I have got a lot of work done in between too. Also feels good to start the weekend without a ton of things still on my to do list that I didn’t get done.

Our weekend ahead is just as packed as our week has been. We have my husband’s company dinner tonight, then I am at Blog On launch party Saturday night and Sunday conference at MOSI. Saturday day we have another party and plans for a playdate too. Phew! But either way, I am looking forward to the weekend just for the lie ins, the extra cuddles and having both my kiddos at home with me.



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My reading mojo has gone out the window in terms of books. I am stuck in a rut again of just being too tired to read the rest of my book. And yet, I have been reading blogs like galore. It’s been a tough year for me and I haven’t been the most supportive blog friend to all those blogs I love to follow. So that last month I am pulling myself together and getting back to liking, sharing, and commenting on my fellow bloggers that I have been missing so much. I am sorry I will do better. These are a few that I have loved….

Alex @bumptobaby_blog – Oh Motherhood 

Emma @brummymummyof2 – The Five Stages of Accepting Naps Have Stopped  – (this is me at the moment) 

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So I am sure you heard how cheesy my husband and I can be together. If not, well check us out in our same outfits that we met in, ten years on here…. (I know I am cheating in this category). We love a good tradition and we thought wearing the same outfits would bring all those amazing memories back of the night we met and we even luckily had photos to proof it. (don’t laugh). The top didn’t fit like it used to but at least I could get it on. Not sure I can pull it off in another ten years. (excuse first one it’s a photo of a photo).

10yearsago 10yearson anniversarymet

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Have you watched our recent vlog? We have been sharing our experience in Ireland and this year we included our mini road trip to Galway and down the Wild Atlantic Way. Would love it if you could watch it and let me know what you thought of our travels? Have you ever been to Ireland before?

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I know I shared my love for summer dresses with spaghetti straps last week but I forgot to mention my love for blazers too. Not just plain blazers but I love ones that are little different too. This lace blazer has been one of my favorite go to jackets for years. It goes with jeans or dresses and is tailored nicely to give you a good shape.


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As promised from last week….It’s British Sandwich Week and I celebrated it with a new sandwich press. I am not a fan of plain sandwiches but a toasted sandwich in any form is my absolute favorite. Think about grilling anything between a panini, ciabatta, bagel, wrap, or bread in just a few minutes. Doesn’t matter how much you want to pack in between this press is fab for this. My new favorite filling is mexican taco style full of spice and melted cheese with all the trimmings. I call it my Mexican Taco Toasties! Perfect for that left over beef from taco night or an alternative to taco night.

Breville 3 Slice DuraCeramic Sandwich Press Mexican Taco Toasties for British Sandwich Week

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It was also USA Mother’s Day. Told you it was a busy one. So it was fun to check out all the amazing instagram mamas on #lifecloseup this week and give them the feature they deserve. It was hard picking just nine as it always is but here as some mama feeds that you would absolutely adore. Click photo grid to go to my hashtag community and join us in sharing your zoomed in captures of life. What are your focusing on?


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10 thoughts on “Lace Blazers, Another Mother’s Day and Ten Years Ago #littleloves”

  1. Love the cheesy photos! Great tradition. Some great blog pos5s you’ve listed here. I watched your vlog earlier in the week. It’s a great one. We enjoyed Chester zoo a couple of years back.

  2. I love the photo of you both in the same top! The toasted sandwich press looks great though, I might have to invest in one, I love a toasted sandwich! I’ve gotten the same with sharing blog posts and have resolved to get reading sharing more too!

  3. Love the photos of you, you look beautiful. And you two wearing the same outfits as when you met – love it! MM with the bluebells is another gorgeous one! Hope you managed to get your lie ins. Have a good week lovely x

  4. You guys are so cute wearing the same outfits as the ones you met in! It’s so nice that you have a photo to commemorate when you first met. Hope you had a fantastic weekend at Blog On and all the other plans too xx

  5. I love you guys wearing the same outfits from when you met! Such a lovely tradition. So, so lovely seeing you again yesterday – sorry we didn’t get to chat much, always the way with these things!! x

  6. The cheesy photos are brilliant. I wouldn’t get anywhere near wearing what I wore to meet the OH and I don’t even remember what he was wearing. But then it was 13 years ago today we got married.

    Love your lace jacket. It’s nice to have something a bit different to the norm to wear.


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