Family Day out at Chester Zoo

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Have you been to Chester Zoo before? Well, it’s been a few years for us and last time we went Granny came with us instead of Daddy and it was absolutely freezing so we didn’t stay all day as planned. Although we still had a great time checking out the zoo animals.  Fast forward to last weekend, where we had one of the best family days out all four of us together, we have had in years. Not only did we get the awesome weather for our day out but the kids were on top form too.


Family Day out at Chester Zoo



The first thing I noticed is that Chester Zoo has changed a lot in four years. They have added so many more attractions. We went directly to the new ISLANDS which I can’t rave about more. From coral sands to Bali to Sumtra, and Monsoon Forest you can spend half the day just in the Islands of Chester Zoo.

But even better is the boat ride through the Islands. It’s worth the wait in line to get a tour of the animals from the water side.  As you can see below the animals are drinking the water right as we go passed. I don’t know what excited us more the boat ride,or the fact that we were so close to the animals.

boatride zoo2 zoo


With the sun out it felt like we were literally on an island. The amazing animals we saw from the Sumatran Tiger which was Mr P’s highlight to the Visayan Warty Pigs which B just thought were funny. They have huts that have each island’s culture and habitat so you really get a feel for the each location.

Next stop were the baby elephants. They were so cute and by far Mommy’s highlight of the day (ok, also the boat ride) but look at them. These three below we decided were the Mommy, Daddy, and baby and the kids had fun making up fun names for them. 

The is something so magical about watching kids see wild animals for the first time. I doubt either of them remember coming in the past and we have been to a few aquariums too but when they saw animals like the elephants or tigers their faces said it all. Without climbing in the animal cages to get that photo as they look on but unable, it will still be forever implanted on my mind. Their silly giggles as the apes show their back sides and their running to each plaque to read out loud about what animal we are looking at to B being the best map keeper ever! It’s these tiny things on a family day out that make it so very special. 




While there are numerous places to eat at Chester Zoo, we love the Bembe Kitchen with all that it has to choose from especially with an allergy child, they can help accommodate for what my son can and can’t eat. Plus, there is so much to choose from. The kids got stuck into coloring their zoo coloring book from the Gift Shop while Daddy and I grabbed the grub. 

We had such a beautiful, sunny morning exploring the animals we were all in need of a rest, recharge of food and drink to get ready for the rest of the afternoon. The food was fab, I had the most delicious tuna toasted pitta pocket with feta salad ever! So good in fact I ate it without taking a photo of it which isn’t like me at all. Mr P enjoyed a hot stew with roasted roasted and vegetables and the kids tucked into their fun kid’s lunchboxes. 

eating in zoo family travel pic


We were fed, recharged and still had so much to see. The kids really wanted to take the train but it was just too nice. We were really worried about this time after lunch, no naps our littlest was going to start flagging. We decided a bit ago that she was old enough to go on family days out without a stroller. She is four in a few weeks so it was time. She did so amazing and hardly said anything about her legs being tired like she normally does. I think she was that excited to see what animal came next she didn’t think about it. Daddy only ended up carrying her at 5pm and we got there at opening at 10am (which I suggest on a sunny day). 

The grounds at Chester Zoo are so beautiful too. There were flowers everywhere. I would have loved to photo shoot the kids there when it’s closed on a sunny day. It’s just stunning. While we wish a few more animals were out in the sun so we could see them we stills saw so many amazing ones. 










There is something to be said about sunshine on a day out too. It just makes everything easier, better, and more fun. We couldn’t believe our luck when we got in the car that morning and it was clear blue skies as far as we could see. With our busy lives and school routines it was just what we all needed together. 

I love watching how independent the kids are becoming even if it makes me a little sad too sometimes that I am not needed as often. It’s amazing when they start school how much they learn in just a matter of a year or so. B continues to impress us with quick wit, reading and understanding things. I know this will soon be MM right behind him come September. They are really little sponges. On the ride home the kids were asking a million questions about animals, how they live, what they eat and reiterating everything they had read on those plaques that day. It was amazing. 


giraffers in zoo zoo4 zoo6 zoo5 mapboy


zoo9 zoo7 zoo27


To be honest, we didn’t even see everything. You could spend a whole weekend there for sure. The new Play! area which opens up this summer looks incredible. We are already to go back again when it opens and test that out. The kids were sad it wasn’t already open as you could see the building going on. But instead we hit the little playground park they have for kids so Mr P and I could chill out and the kids could play with the other kids for a bit. We even treated ourselves to an ice cream/ice lollies before we hit the road. We don’t normally eat sugary things with the kids but this was such a great day we really wanted to make them feel special too. They were so well behaved and even smiled for the camera more than they normally do. 

Check out our video and see all the animals we saw and the fun, family adventures we had below:

*We were asked to test out Chester Zoo’s new attractions and additions. The PLAY! park will be open this summer so check that out too! Thank you Chester Zoo for an amazing family day out. 


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10 thoughts on “Family Day out at Chester Zoo”

    • It was the best day out in a long time weather was on our side, the kids were in good moods and so excited. There were so many new things to try and see and do since we last went there too. Oh it would be a good weekend away. You could always do the Zoo and Aquarium they are near each other by Cheshire Oaks designer outlets too. It’s a fab weekend away with the family.

  1. I haven’t been for years and it looks os have really changed. Jenny your photos are so beautiful they really highlight what a wonderful day you all had. And the boat ride looks fantastic I would love to do that. Thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes xx

    • Oh it has so many new things added and I love it so much more now than ever before. It’s been awhile since we went and now it’s even got Play! Area open which we missed by a week sadly. But heard it’s fantastic too.


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