Letters to him & her ~ #13

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Konfidence swimming gear letters to my children


Buba, you are my little determined fish in all that you do both in and out of water. I love that you like routine and like things orderly but you are great at adapting eventually too when I show you the logic of what’s new. You got new Konfidence swim gear and were so eager to test it out, you didn’t want to wait for our trip to France, you wanted it in the bath pronto. I love that you get excited about new things like I do. While you were curious about the goggles you were quick to fall in love with them and even attempted to wear them to bed that night. I am happy to say that you truly love all your Konfidence swimming gear and are eager to test it out everywhere even in the bath! At least I know it will all be used time and time again and I can truly test the quality of it, this year. Swimming may not come as natural to you as others but you put your all into it and give it your best shot which makes mommy so proud of you! I hope we can continue swim lessons long after you start school this September as you really do love the water!



Missy Moo, you are a complete water baby. You want to copy your brother and wear your new Konfidence swimming gear too but you also are so smart and know it’s for swimming not just running around the house in. I no less than handed you the goggles and shorts and you were dressed and pointing at the bath, you clever lady, shouting “swim”? Although you did try to swim in the tub which was a little challenging for space you put the goggles to good use even at your age. I love your ability to pick up something from your brother in such a short amount of time and perfect it. You are the fish of the family and you would happily play in a pool or bath all day long. I really can’t wait for our upcoming trip and see how much your swimming lessons have paid off and your confidence in the water grow this year. You always show your determination with your monkey crawling along the wall which is such a life safety skill and it took me forever to get your brother to learn it but you seem to pick it up the very first time. You are eager to impress your swim teacher and I love that and hope that it stays with you when you start school too.You really do come alive in your swimming lessons each week and it’s such a special time for us together too. We will be doing a lot of swimming this summer at Grandma and I cannot wait. 

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20 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #13”

  1. Ahhh, our kiddies are so similar. Although I’ve found a difference… It’s our little man that is the total fish who is fearless in the water, our little lady isn’t such a natural and is a bit more cautious. Glad to see you’re enjoying your Konfidence goodies, such great products, hoping all ours will still fit this summer. x

    • Oh too funny we found a difference. Lol I bet they will still fit. We are loving it but really can’t wait to test it out on France or Spain.

    • Oh yes they get so eager to put it on and Buba just wanted to wear it and run around the house, life jacket on and all. I had to at least fill the bath so there was a purpose. lol Kids! They really are funny little things.

  2. Lovely post and words. They look great in their new swimsuits, I will have to check out the Konfidence range for my boys.

  3. They are such cute little water babies. It took me ages to get Z to like the water, I think her was two years old before he enjoyed going in the pool. Now he loves it but I think he could do with some swimming lessons too!

    • Oh each child is different. You might find mine hate it when they are older and yours is a pro swimmer! You never know with water and kids. But I do love that you can get products like life jackets and floatsuits to help build their confidence too!

  4. Oh they look fab in their swim gear. Must be interesting seeing how different they both take to it. N was like Buba (took him ages to do monkey monkey without me holding him)., but now he loves it..


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