An Interview with my Five Year Old #ShepherdsTwenty

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An Interview with my Five Year Old #ShephardsTwenty
I have always loved interviewing friends and family on a variety of topics. I partly think it’s because I wanted to be a talk-show host when I grew up (don’t laugh) and partly because I am so nosy and like to know how people answer a variety of questions. You can watch many of my interviews over on my youtube channel too. 
I was excited to team up with Shepherds Friendly to take part in their 20 Questions To Ask Your Kids campaign. A chance to interview my own child, oh yes, please. I was so curious to see what my eldest would say to each of the questions. I knew my littlest wasn’t quite old enough to understand most of the questions so I focus on my son’s answers here. What I love most about interviewing children is the fact that they are so brutally honest, funny, and silly at times too with their answers. You never know what they will come out with. The chance to document what he likes, thinks and wants for the future, at Age 5 and compare it to his answers each year will really be a fun tradition. 
An Interview with my Five Year Old #ShephardsTwenty
1. What is your favourite colour?  blue  
2.Who is your best friend? Thomas / Kaiden
It changes everyday, every minute, every second.
3.What is your favorite TV program? blaze cartoon
Also changes everyday, every minute, every second.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? engineer
Loves math so asked what job uses numbers a year ago now refuses to be anything but an engineer when people ask. Not sure he really understands what they do but if they work with numbers that makes him happy.
5. What car do you want to have when you grow up? BMW
Mommy and Daddy drive BMW so I think he just didn’t know how to spell any other car. 
6. If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday, where would you go? Ireland
Last trip we took so I daresay that’s what came to mind first. 
7. Do you want to get married one day? Yes
He thinks he will live with his sister forever so not sure he understood this question, verdict still out???
8. How many children would you like to have? five
He likes a big family like his momma I hope one day this is true.
9. What age are you when you become an adult? 40
Hurray I am not an adult yet, forget work, let’s go play.
10. What are you good at? math
Like mother/father, like son.
11. If you had a superpower what would you be? fly
This one shouldn’t surprise me as he loves doing this fast at the park.
An Interview with my Five Year Old #ShephardsTwenty
12. If you had one wish, what would that be? always be with Mom & Dad
This one melted my heart. He has so much affection all the time.
13. What do I do as a job? writer
He told someone the other day, my momma works with letters and my daddy works with numbers. We only just told him that means Mommy is a writer and Daddy is a financial advisor. hahaha
14. What are you scared of? ghosts
Bless him he hates even the scare characters in Disney movies.
15. What is your favourite song? Got it Good
I was shocked he knew the title of this country song we have playing in the car, nonstop. Used to be my favorite until it became HIS favorite. 
16. What is your favourite class at nursery? math
In association with number 10 because you should favor what you are good at!
17. What is something I always say to you? be kind
I actually say, “be kind and nice” to the kids every time they are about to go play with someone but he said there wasn’t enough room on the question box to write all that. hahaha
18. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? spellings
I was slightly surprised as he has been a super speller 9 weeks in a row at school. I didn’t realize he thought they were really tough. So proud.
19. What makes you happy? birthdays
I should have guessed this one, he is always asking how many sleeps until his birthday. Even the day after his birthday! 
20. What makes you sad? being shouted at
Poor soul, he is really sensitive and this made me feel slightly guilty. Must work on my patience more.
It was so nice to sit down and have a really good heart to heart chat with Buba about his answers here. I love sharing with all of you my responses (in italics above) to his answer too. If not, to look back on them next year and see how his answers may vary and how my responses have changed too. 
These amazing little human beings we are raising, guiding, and caring for our so mesmerizing. They know more, understand more, and feel more than we ever give them credit for. Even at Age 5 I was amazed at how he saw his future and the world around him. It really was an eye opener for me doing this little project. How fast do they go from being babies to being able to stand independently and have their own opinions?
You can learn so much by interviewing your little ones. I had planned on videoing interviews with my kids starting on their six birthday, every year after that, to document things like this and this has truly motivated me to keep that promise to myself. I will love looking back on them as much as they will one day. I know it will be fun to see what my daughter would answer to these, next year when she can understand the questions a bit better. I am intrigued to see how different or similar their answers will be too. They have grown up so close in age and are so similar, I wonder if they will answer similar too. Either way, it’s been fun to see the world through my five year olds eyes. 
An Interview with my Five Year Old #ShephardsTwenty
Why not join in…all you have to do is:
Download the worksheet above.
Print it off.
Ask your child the questions or have them write down their answers in. 
Your child can color in the sheet, if they want.
Take a photo of your sheet and upload it to social media. 
Use the hashtag #ShepherdsTwenty.
Put a note in your diary and do it again next year to compare their answers.

This activity was produced by Shepherds Friendly Society who offer a range of savings plans including a Junior ISA and is a collaboration. 


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