Why I encourage all sports to my children

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Growing up in a big family, we were always at some kind of sporting event, game or practice. I am the baby of the family so I was influenced by my siblings in every sport imaginable. There was never a time where I felt that a sport was for girls or boys only, having both sisters and brothers involved in a variety of sports helped. I think at one point in all my siblings and my growing up, we all played football. It’s not just a boy sport even if they dominated it in the media sometimes. 

I am a firm believer that sports keep kids active and out of trouble. As a parent this is so important for me to not only teach my own children the importance and benefits of playing sports but that I lead by example. Just because I am not a child anymore doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from being involved in sports still as an adult. My husband and I both are involved in various of them as much as our children are now. 

Why I encourage all sports to my childrenWhy I encourage all sports to my children

It’s no wonder the SSE are getting involved to promote and share the benefits of women’s football. SSE is one of the UK’s leading energy companies, supplying energy to around 8.21 million customers throughout Great Britain and Ireland. They are committed to creating opportunities and making a difference at all levels of the game too. I can’t blame them. For all the little girl’s that love the football and don’t know they can continue that love for the game long after they leave school. They have so many role models to look up to too. 

I love when companies support sports. I think it’s fab what the SSE are doing with women’s football. There should be more publicity and promotions for women’s football as much as there is for men’s football. Just think if it was your daughter who wanted to play football, you would want every opportunity and every encouragement, at all levels along her way. I feel the need to encourage all sports to both my kids whether it’s my son wanting to be a gymnast and my daughter a footballer. Every child and adult should have equal opportunity in sports despite their gender. 


I remember how inspiring it is to follow famous athletes in your favorite sport of choice. Or even when companies make it possible to meet them and be inspired even further. It drives kids to work hard but also enjoy having fun in the sport. I want this for my children too. We are a sporty family with my kids just as I was growing up. As they get older they are showing interest in sports more and more which makes me so excited. 

Playing a sport isn’t just about doing it as a career someday or keeping out of trouble either. As a parent, I can already see how my kid’s are benefiting from playing a team sport. They are learning how to play, social, and follow instructions. It’s not just about whether they are good at the sport either (not at all) or that they just love it but that they are getting life lessons out of it too. Team sports at an early age can prepare you for starting school. It gives them time to practice numerous skills such as hand/body coordination, applying what they are being told to do, sharing, caring for others, and working together with other kids their own age. Team sports most importantly build confidence in a child and give them opportunities to make lifelong friends too. 

Why I encourage all sports to my children

The SSE are doing an amazing job at making the same opportunities available, regardless of gender, possible. They are bringing opportunities to be inspired and opportunities to walk out in front of a passionate crowd at Wembley Stadium too. They are the energy behind women’s football and really making a difference at all levels of the game.

The recent launch of SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Clubs will provide girls aged 5-11 with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organized sessions in a fun and engaging way created exclusively for girls. SSE continue to show their commitment to increasing participation in the women’s game through this new program. The clubs will run from spring through summer on a weekly basis and aim to provide a fun and safe space for girls to learn the game and make friends.

I look forward to the many sports events, games or practices that I will have with my children in the future going forward. I am sure it will bring back all those amazing memories of doing sports myself, as a child. 

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