Pit & Peak of the Week #8

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm

Pit & Peak of the Week is here again. A weekly post of me looking back at the highs and lows of family and life last week. I post on a Monday because last week is entirely over and I can reflect back on the past week as a whole. Who knows what can happen Sunday evening?  However, it will be moving to Sunday night after this one, to cause less confusion.

This past week has been a quiet, calm one for us. I am not complaining. The weather is grim, with rain and wind, so I don’t mind staying in. I have to be honest, I hate January. The no-more Christmas blues are present, the gloomy weather is here, and nothing really happens in January except long list of new year’s resolutions I never start let alone finish.

Pit: Last week may have been quiet in terms of activities and things to do but for Missy Moo, they were extra loud. She not only has found her new non-newborn voice but her teething is causing her to shout out more than usual. Feeding times have become screaming time, as the bottle touches her gums. I feel  bad for her, those peggies are popping out like popcorn. Two have broken through and I see two more white spots just underneath the gum line. Buba’s teeth came in slow and unnoticeable in his demeanor so I never had to buy and stock teething products. It’s time I stock up quickly on Bonjela, Teetha, Calpol, etc . I guess the faster they pop, the less of this I have to look forward to, only 16 more teeth to go! (ahhhh) .

Peak: Last week’s Peak isn’t a family Peak this time. It’s more of a blogging Peak for myself. (selfish I know). I am a new blogger and I know it takes time to accomplish big things but I had a few firsts for my new blog that I want to share. First, the fabulous Victoria Welton from Verily, Victoria, Vocalises, wrote a lovely write up for Literature Round-up on BritMums about poetry and prose. I had the honor of one of my poems being mentioned and a link back to my website. Small milestone for me but felt huge for my first real blog link back, especially on BritMums which I will being attending BritMums Live this June. Another first for my blog this past week was a big surprise. I not only was asked to do my first review for a company but three different companies had contacted me throughout the week. I am very excited to team up with them and review their fabulous products. Watch this space! I know these are everyday occurrences for some but my blog is so new I thought it would take years to get noticed.

So there you have it, a little selfish this week on the Peak, but everyone once in a while, you have to pat your own back. If you don’t, who else will? 🙂

Pit Peak of the Week

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