Family Vacation – Lanzarote 2014

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We rang in the new year on the beautiful beaches of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote with the sun hitting our backs and soaking into our winter chilled bones. Who could have asked for more?

It was Missy Moo’s first time flying and the first time we stayed in a hotel with both kids so I was a little apprehensive of how it might go. Would they keep each other awake at night? Would they both sleep in the double stroller for their naps? Would Missy Moo scream down the airplane? Would the family vacation curse follow us?

The last four vacations we have taken abroad have ended in a hospital. We were beginning to think, the universal was trying to tell us to stay home! This was our last attempt and if it didn’t go smoothly or someone ended up needing medical attention – that was it, we would stay home forever. Turns out it couldn’t have gone better. The kids were amazing, their routines carried on throughout the holiday making it calm and relaxing one for all of us. It was just what we all needed to ring in 2014.


The weather was on our side and temperatures reached between 70-74 degrees the entire week. Clouds stay away until the last day which made it a little bit easier to go home. We created a little system that worked perfect for us to maximize our time there and to ensure everyone got to do a little something.

The hotel we stayed at was called Princesa Yaiza Resort. It especially caters for kids so we thought we would pay that little bit extra to make our vacation less stressful.  It would be the first time we travelled with both of them abroad and having the amenities for children is a HUGE help. Just to list a few:

-a soft play area

-a huge kids sport centre called Kikoland

-kids disco each night

-babysitting facilities

– six mini fish aquariums

-kiddy pools including a kids jacuzzi

-over seven restaurants all kid friendly with special kid menus

In our room we had a separate living room where two cribs were placed, highchair, microwave, fridge and there was a mini sink, making it perfect to sorting out bottles and baby food or bring in food of our own. The room service menu  even had a huge selection of homemade baby puree!!! Added bonus since Missy Moo just started weaning.



Let’s not forget the unbelievable views, huge jungle oasis sitting areas, waterfalls, a la carte restaurants, spa, pools, and more for us adults too! It’s definitely a hotel I highly recommend for families, you wouldn’t ever have to leave the premises.



*sunset from our balcony

A breakfast buffet was included, and on the first morning we were shocked to find a Champagne bar right next to the cereal bar. Now, that’s my kind of vacation.

Strangers unite:  I caught eyes with another English Mommy, there with her two kids and over heard her talking to her husband about grabbing a glass of Champagne with her breakfast . She didn’t want to be the only one in the room with a glass nor did I. One head tilt later, (as in let’s both go) we were giggling happily with our breakfast Champagne glasses back at our tables. No one would judge us if we did it together! 

We started each day at the buffet, as you would do, and while Missy Moo had her first nap of the day we would run and choose our loungers by the pool. Attempting to beat the crowd that were still catching their zzzzz’s.  Lounge chair fights were a new thing to me, I can strongly say I am an expert now, even in Spanish.

The amount of  walking we did was a great balance to all the great food we ate. Why is it that gluttony takes over on vacation? Every morning after breakfast, while Missy Moo napped we went exploring or down to the beach to build Lighting McQueen sandcastles with Buba. It was a perfect family morning ritual.


* naptime, thank you snooze shade

After morning naptime and exploring, it was time to get to the POOL and claim those reserved loungers. We lied pool side each morning together, swimming with the kids and soaking up the rays. The kids took their afternoon nap in their double stroller so we could go out for lunch along the waterfront, get Fish Pedicures, go shopping, and sightseeing. The afternoons were filled with soft play areas, kids discos, or looking at the fish in the aquariums.


*Fish pedicures

We would order room service for the kids’ dinner and chill out on our balcony, which always caught the evening sun. Hilarious to watch a two year old , waiting fork in hand for his room service! 😉 At bedtime we would do the kids’ bath and pyjamas just like at home then put them to bed in their double stroller. Catching their zzzz’s with their snooze shade on while Mr. P. and I strolled back out to the waterfront, taste testing various restaurants and cocktails throughout the week.

Bragging rights: The first night I didn’t relax and enjoy the evening as much as I should while I sipped my cocktails and ate the fine meal that was in front of me. Even though the kids were asleep next to me, I worried would it disturb their sleep too much or take them forever to go back to sleep when they needed to go in their beds.  My bragging right are, I have robot children, I swear. The first night, the transfer literally went without a peep, even as I unsnapped their straps, zipped them into their sleeping bags and put them into their beds. Not even an eye flicker. WOW! That was lucky.  This won’t least the week, I thought to myself, but it did! 



* bedtime, while Mommy & Daddy dine out

It’s not for everyone, but to make a little routine while on vacation made it so easy for us to all enjoy it together and the transitioning back to their normal routine at home, far better. We were lucky with the weather, and that the kids were on good form. This is definitely a place we will visit again as a family.



*first attempt at family photo, as usual Buba was not impressed


* family time, poolside  





* hilarious to be picked up for our private transfer to the airport in a 50 seater bus – JUST US


 *one last glass of Champagne before we leave …bye, bye Lanzarote, you were good to us and we THANK YOU! 




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  1. Looks like it was a lovely break. You’re obviously pros at holidays with the kids. I’m going to try and persuade the OH to agree to one next year before N starts school given he managed a UK holiday this year! First step – both of us need passports renewing and N will need one too. Faff galore.

    • Ya passports are a pain. Hate renewing ours as the kids have two each. Lol bit worth it for the experience and holidy together. Thanks it was our first family holiday for the four of us.


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