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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:23 am

I have forgotten it’s Friday today. The first day of our very first half term and I can’t even remember what day it is. It’s been one of those days where I am running in circles and can’t get anything done. I keep messing times and places up. I think it’s time for B to have a break from school but for me to also have a break too. I am so looking forward to next week having B home with us and being a trio again on our daily adventures together. I really hope this amnesia goes away because today has been a total write off. I was thinking it’s Thursday and that’s what happens when you go to London for the day, you lose a day in your head. I really enjoyed my time there yesterday with some amazing blogging friends for an event, more on that later. So I am now playing catch up in my head for a lost day of the week.

Soreen Breakfast Bakes snack bars #littleloves


Soreen Breakfast Bakes snack bars #littlelovesI have been reading all about Soreen bread as an American I have never heard of it before but my kids recently have been testing out the breakfast bites. I was excited to see if MM would eat them as she hates breakfast and I have tried over the past year to get her to eat anything before lunch and failed. She absolutely loved the Apple, Cinnamon and Toasted Oats ones. B was more keen on the Original Malt and Toasted Oats and keeps asking if he can have them for afternoon snacks as well. They are great because they are individually packages so I can throw them in his swimming bag for after swimming energy boost. Either way, when we are constantly on the go, it’s great to have a healthy snack bar to grab. I am loving them myself during the week when I need a quite bite to eat before I dive into my work.

Soreen Breakfast Bakes snack bars #littleloves

I have heard so many baby announcements this week and last week, it’s like a bloggers’ baby boom. I am loving every second of it. I love hearing about all these amazing families expanding. It’s making me so broody for a third. I love being on bump watch with so many of you and along for the journey through all your blogs. Huge congratulations to you all.

While speaking of baby announcements I had to share this amazing video announcement from Katie at MummyDaddyMe, get the tissues out, it will make you cry happy tears!

It’s been a cozy and lazy week on the wardrobe front. I have been throwing on what’s comfortable and warm rather than thinking about matching and trendy. It’s been mostly full of brown and black combos. I even snuck into the nail salon to get my Halloween nails done. I couldn’t quite brave the orange but I stuck to black and white with some bling instead. I have never had black nail polish and I didn’t think I would suit it but it’s a new favorite of mine already.

What I wore this week #littleloves

I have been making holiday challenges for myself. After working so hard to lose the rest of my baby weight this past summer, I am trying hard not to do what I do every Christmas and gain the holiday ten back. With this I have been making a new exercising routine and making challenges for eating healthy and clean around all the festivities that are going on from now until New Years. I am testing out UFit protein drinks. I am have always liked to have a few protein shakes during the week especially when I am working out more. Mr P absolutely loves the strawberry flavor whereas I am loving the chocolate a lot more. We both live very busy lives that it’s handy to grab a protein drink to keep us energized. It’s milk with added oomph, 22g protein and no added sugar which means it’s great for the system after a hard kettlebell session too. I am trying to make better eating choices than I did last year which saw me at the height of my weight ever.  It’s full of vitamins and fiber too and with winter around the corner, it never hurts to keep our immune systems stocked up. Have you made any health and fitness challenges lately? I would love to hear them. Have you ever heard of UFit before? If not, enter my giveaway below and you could win this #UFitPower Pack to test out yourself.



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I am the new lifestyle editor of Oh Lilla Magazine. If you haven’t heard of it check it out here, it’s a parent/blogger led magazine bringing you all the topics, information, shopping, recipes, debates, social news, and fun that you want to know. If you want to be featured in it or have a post you think would be great for it old or new, please get in touch with me my email in contact section. Issue number 2 is on sale November 1st. It’s an issue you don’t want to miss. Let’s all get COSY together!

Oh Lilla Magazine Cosy edition issue two #littleloves

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70 thoughts on “UFit, Soreen, and Oh Lilla Magazine news #littleloves”

  1. My daughters nursery used to give soreen at snack time and the kids seem to love it. We haven’t bought it I a while as she started to reject it but I’ll have to try one of these flavours!

    Also loving the Halloween nails – fab idea!

    Just bought the download edition of the magazine so will be checking my inbox!

    • I know I think there is a blogger baby boom or something in the water. lol It’s making me just as broody I know. I have been dying for a third for two years now. lol Not sure Mr P will go for it though.

    • Oh yes do check it out. It’s only the second issue of the magazine so I am excited to start right along with them. My kids are the same too much of one thing wears off. 🙂

  2. Oooh congrats on the editor role! That’s great news 🙂 Those Soreen bars look lovely and just the sort of thing I’d love to grab for a breakfast on the go. I was in London yesterday too, just for a couple of hours with Little Man but I found it exhausting, trains always make me so tired!
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  3. Congrats on being the new lifestyle editor of Oh Lilla. That just sounds so brilliant and I hope you love every moment of it. I adore the picture of your two with the Soreens! MM face is so cute! You are so sensible preparing for the festive season. I think preparation goes such a long way with healthy living. You’re such a good example and good luck! x

    • Oh thank you so much. Loving being apart of it, I think it’s a great thing. It’s all about preparation for sure. Sometimes I slack though and need to regroup. Thank you.

  4. Wow haven’t had soreen for years-really love to try these new flavours-some great ideas to start on my health path xx

  5. I love Soreen. Soreen used to make Go Bars (like a cereal bar version of Soreen – really lovely). They were pretty dense and made really good cycling snacks as they didn’t get shaken to pieces after a couple of hours in my bike bag 🙂
    Sadly they stopped making them a couple of years ago – I’m still looking for the perfect replacement.

    • I hate when the things we love stop being made they sound yummy. These are great because they are dense too feeds the kids for a while and don’t break in your bag either. 🙂

  6. I’m trying to motivate the OH to get off his bum. I’m an avid gym goer and healthy eater and this is proof he can still eat his favourites as he love soreen

  7. Haven’t had Soreen for years. Grew up with this as a Sunday teatime treat. Must add it to the shopping list. These look tasty and practical.

  8. Ooh not had soreen for years, used to love it. We have just started mountain biking to try and get fit. My son has just learnt to ride his bike independently so he’ very keen.


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