The Siblings Project {May 2017}

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In terms of parenting these two siblings in May, it’s been a tough one the last week or so. While the rest of the month has moved smoothly, the attitude has shifted slightly in our house recently and therefore there have been a lot of tears from both the kids and me. This month, I have struggled to understand where this sudden change of character has come from for my eldest which affects my youngest in so many ways too. I can tell if one child is in a bad mood the other soon follows. As much as they are normally sweet and easy they have also been total nightmares trying to express themselves. 

I know at this age where one is turning four and starting school soon and the other is getting spurts of hormones, their emotions are heightened and on alert already. But put them together in a total meltdown and it’s easy to say I quickly join in the tantrum as I am not use to such behavior from them. B has been talking back a lot lately and pushing his boundaries. I am trying to be the consistent, good parent and standing my ground but it’s exhausting. I don’t like butting heads with my kids but it’s inevitable, I know. MM is more clingy and whining when B is acting like this. I am not sure if it’s for attention as she sees her brother getting it or if it’s lack of her brother’s affection and attention to her that she is upset about.

When things aren’t going well inside our house with moods and attitude I get us outside. It’s the only way I can cope in the fresh air and let them run and play. We found this gorgeous bluebell forest near us by accident just exploring. My two were not in the best moods to even take a photo I snaps a few with my iphone so excuse the grainy captures. These remind me that even when they are at their worse their instant smile can still fill my heart and make me a proud mommy. That no matter how hard the little challenging stages are there are ten thousand moments in between that fill my memory and make me whole. I sat back feeling grateful and lucky to have them and let the guilty of parenting go for a bit. It can be back tomorrow but for one afternoon I watched them pick bluebells, run through the beautiful forest with the sun on their backs and didn’t worry about if I was handling this phase the right way. 

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I could tell MM was aware of her brother’s recent changes in attitude and character too. She has been holding his hand more and just hugging him for the sake of it. As if she knows he might just need that little bit more sibling support at the moment while Mommy and Daddy crack down the rules on him. I love this photo above she was just petting his head talking about the sheep in the field behind and I thought it was such a sweet moment together. 

I have to say their smiles on our little bluebell field trip weren’t because of me. Granny came with us to help me cheer the kiddos up. Somehow while I was taking a photo she decided to start dancing behind me, saying look at me “twerking”. Well, not only did that get the kids laughing long after the photo, I was busting a gut watching Granny attempting to “twerk”. The rest of the day the kids were shouting out, “Granny twerk for us”. While this all sounds funny, it’s slightly embarrassing as the other explores stared on at us. 

The Siblings project May 2017 linkyThe Siblings project May 2017 linky The Siblings project May 2017 linky The Siblings project May 2017 linky


Picking bluebells for Daddy.

Having a picnic in the yard.

Going to Chester Zoo (vlog coming soon). 

Having Granny stay the weekend.

Scooting around our village.

Visiting their school together for family day.

Doing homework side by side.

Going swimming in the big pool at Mommy’s gym.

Making homemade pizza tortillas.

The Siblings project May 2017 linky The Siblings project May 2017 linky The Siblings project May 2017 linky

I really hope as we move to the end of the month of May that the kids go back to being their normal happy, bubbly, playful selves. That the emotions calm down a bit until the next outburst phase comes along. That I can be a calmer parent when it’s necessary something I am always working on that I struggle with in times like these. But no matter what I know in the big scheme of life, I do have two lovely, beautiful children and am so grateful for their love and them in my life. 

It was USA Mother’s Day yesterday and while the kids still were in the best moods I looked at it from a completely different perspective than I have the last week or so. It’s been amazing the support and advice on instagram when I asked for it and I am taking everyone tips on board so thank you for that. I hope you have enjoyed our mini bluebell walk this month. 

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7 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {May 2017}”

  1. They are so cute together. I can’t wait to see the vlog about Chester Zoo. It was on our list of things to see when we were in the UK but I changed plans then. #siblingsproject

  2. Ah jenny. I’m having the same too with Ethan. It’s so hard isn’t it?! I was really upset last week. One minute he’s seriously grumpy the next he’s back to being happy. It’s emotionally draining sometimes. It seems to do with school and energy for us I think. I love the pics – and I agree getting outdoors is always the best thing to do when everyone is a bit grumpy. I love story about Granny too! xx

  3. I’m so sorry you are experiencing problems. My niece is the same as your son, as my SIL is having lots of talking back problems and seeing new behaviour. This parenting stuff certainly doesn’t get any easier as they older does it? I love that granny was twerking that made me laugh a lot! x #siblingsproject

  4. Such lovely pictures! Granny sounds amazing – you won’t forget about that walk too easily I would imagine :-). #thesiblingsproject

  5. Such fab pictures. Well done Granny for getting those fab smiles and making them laugh! #siblingsproject


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