The Siblings Project {February 2017}

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The Siblings Project February 2017 photography

Another month is half way over and the days are getting lighter. There is nothing that brings me more joy than listening to my two laughing, playing, and loving each other. I always knew that having a second child would bring more love in my heart and joy in our lives but I never considered how amazing it would be to watch them bond together. The love they share for each other is full of protectiveness and concern for the other’s wellbeing. There isn’t a time when MM cries that B doesn’t run to retrieve her duck to calm her. Or vice versa there isn’t a time when B is crying that MM doesn’t hug him or try to give him a snack to stop him. They even try to comfort one another when it’s their fault the other one is crying in the first place. I usually am not one to jump in if they are bickering or fighting over a toy because more often than not they sort it out themselves. They are the ultimate team. 

This month has been lovely so far. I haven’t said that in a really long time. We have news of my Dad’s surgery coming soon and everyone is positive about it. The days have been lighter and drier so we have been getting out as much as possible. I have kept my promise to myself so far this year that I won’t stay in just because it’s raining. We need our daily dose of fresh air in some form. We didn’t plan a lot during half term and somehow each day has been busy in parts and chilled in others. I think even though we are getting out to do days out, we also have had a lie in almost every day to make up for it. I have had some one on one time with B which was amazing. You can tell he really enjoyed having that one hundred percent attention too. The Siblings Project February 2017 photography


Feeding ducks and swans at the park.

Our playdate at Trentham Gardens with friends.

Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk. 

Riding their scooter in the sunshine.

Going to Legoland with friends for half term.

Lie ins and lounging in sweat pants during half term.

Playing with new playdoh. 

The Siblings Project February 2017 photography The Siblings Project February 2017 photography

These two can be funny when we have playdates not wanting to play with their friends without the other. They often get jealous if one has a friend to play with and the other is left out. Mostly it’s MM who just does not like to share her brother. She will cry because she says she just wants to play with B on her own. Selflish sister, I know. B is great at trying to make her feel included as best as a five year old can. But at the end of the day and in fact on our one on one time you can catch B saying, “I miss my sister”. It’s so touching. It’s not often they are without the other so I guess that’s a given. Soon they will both be getting ready for school together and in infant school together too. I hope he watches out for her at school as much as he does at home. The Siblings Project February 2017 photography

The best part of having these two so close is that they have a constant playmate, friend, and never feel alone. I can’t imagine my life without them both even on days they make me feel ratty. I am so grateful for both of them. We get up to some good times as a family, or just me and the kids and the endless hours I hear them playing in their bedrooms together or in the front room. 

I feel like right now our family life is blissful. The kids seem to be on top performance and full of fun. We have just been enjoying a less chaotic busy schedule and just enjoy going for walks or having a picnic in the yard. I love feeling like our plates are half full and still have enough room for the spontaneous things in life to fill the other half. 

I hope the months ahead continue to be smooth vacant of illnesses and sad news. We have our USA trip this summer to look forward to. I can’t to be home more than ever. The kids always have such a blast being with family, friends and swimming their hot summer days away. 

28 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {February 2017}”

  1. I love that picture where B is picking her MM, such a lovely sibling moment. I hope you had fun at Legoland, I took Alice last summer and she loved it. I am sure that B will look out for his sister when she starts school, I know my brother did with me. x

  2. A lovely set of photos of the pair in a great setting! So sweet that they just want to play with each other and nice that they’re so inclusive of each other. You can tell that they’re close. #siblingsproject

  3. Oh I will say a prayer for your dad.
    Trentham Gardens looks beautiful and definitely somewhere I would like to go. I just said the same on another blogger’s siblings post but you too must have such an amazing choice of photos for frames. I wouldn’t want the job of choosing. Beautiful pics xx

    • Thanks KA I hope they didn’t make me out to be a liar they are a great pair together. They have moments but normally they are such a great team. Just get jealous if they have to share each other with a friend. lol

    • Thanks Katy it feels good to get back into the swing of things and have some good times with the kiddos helped so much. He is always picking her up one day he is going to hurt them both or one of them for sure. lol But it’s cute too.

  4. Oh I love these photos Jenny especially the one of B picking up MM so adorable!! I can’t believe how much they’ve both grown up recently, you can hardly tell that there’s an age gap at all. I hope you all have a lovely half term together. xx

    • Thanks Kerry, he is constantly trying to pick her up. Drives me bananas because she is so tall too they are going to hurt each other by accident one day. They are getting too big for me to even pick up these days. lol They really have shot up. When they sit down they are the same exact level because B is all legs. People ask if they are twins constantly.

    • Me too! My brothers and I fought like cats and dogs and we are super close now as adults and holiday together but man we used to torture each other. I think that’s why i gush about mine not doing that. They still bicker over a toy but I guess they are still young it can happen. lol But for now I will document their amazing bond.

    • Thank you Catie. They are two peas in apod they suit that cliche so much. I love watching them together. More often than not it’s a peaceful loving relationship. They still bicker over a toy or tease each other like true siblings do but not anywhere what me and my brothers used to do at all. I am grateful for that.

  5. I love watching our children bond together too, it’s so heartwarming. You’ve captured some beautiful photos of them together. I hope your Dad’s surgery goes well. Thinking of you x x x

    • Thank you so much lovely that means a lot. Lots of prayers and well wishes needed. It is a lovely thing to watch siblings together and I never knew how much I would get out of them loving and bonding together as much as I do having another child to love.

  6. I’ve just watched your Legoland video, looked like you guys had a great time. Like you, we didn’t organise much for this half-term – but you still need to keep the kids busy and entertained don’t you? These pictures are brilliant, I love how their little characters shine through. xx

    • Oh thank you so much darling for watching and your lovely comments. I know what you mean we didn’t want to plan anything because we wanted to lie in every morning and just be lazy for once. But they also need fresh air and entertained so each day things just came up to do it was a lovely week of balance. I wish every half term was like that. We got lucky with the weather which helped. This week is horrible glad we didn’t have it this week like some. It’s raining every day.

  7. What a lovely positive post! I also agree with you that we need our daily (or sometimes twice daily) dose of fresh air and one of the plus sides of having dogs (and there are negatives!) is at least you have a reason to do it whatever the weather.

    • True it’s a sure fire way to make yourself get out every day to walk the dogs. We can’t have animals due to allergies but I always wanted one for many reason including this. Get my lazy butt off the sofa. hahaha

  8. So happy that you’ve got positive news about your dad — I hope that you have an uneventful year (and I mean that in the very best way!!).

    I’ve got the whole half-term holiday thing to come; the boys go to nursery all year round — they don’t have holidays in line with the schools — so it will be a shock to the system when they start school in September and we have to actual plan what do do when they’re off!!! xx

    • Thanks Caro, I know what you mean. I am hoping for the most boring, no news, uneventful year ever this year. We all need it for sure. I will have a shock too next year as MM will start school so that means come half term they both will be at home with me while I try to work hahaha But also exciting because that means we can go somewhere and not feel guilty still paying nursery fees while we are away.


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