Siblings {February}

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Siblings February Photo Project

You are my sibling, my friend, and forever more we are a team! 

It’s the middle of February already and I am always glad for a short February. Let’s face it, it’s not the best month of the year is it? March will see my mother coming to visit us so that’s all I am thinking about at the moment. The kids on the other hand have been loving February. The sun has come out to play a little more, the temperatures are raising higher, and they are getting outdoors more (thankfully). 

We are joining in with the lovely DearBeautiful for Siblings of February! February has been a really busy month already for the kids. Full of adventures and less illnesses than December and January saw. They seem to be growing up over night and I have been getting more emotion lately about them not being babies anymore. Each month when it comes time to do my Siblings post I think to myself, as I look at their photos, how did they get so big and when? Was I sleeping? Did I blink too long and miss it all? They can’t possibly be this big already!Siblings February Photo Project

Together they are loving dancing…

Together they are loving kicking the ball…

Together they are loving playing shadow and mimicking each other…

Together they are loving the great outdoors and fresh air…

Together they are loving singing Spanish songs in the car…

Together they are loving each other!Siblings February Photo Project

Even though these two besties are two peas in a pod on most days they are still siblings and along with that comes normal sibling rivalry, jealousy, not sharing, shouting, and tears. I let them duke it out like my own mother let me and my siblings for the most part. I never take sides as I know MM can hold her own with Buba and probably starts it half the time. MM is constantly trying to keep up with her brother and do what he is doing. It’s like the never ending game of ‘shadow’. They may be 20 some months between them but somedays I don’t think there is an age gap. It continues to close in and they are great playmates for each other. 

Their favorite thing at the moment is to be let loose in our back yard with the ball to run and be free and kick it back and forth. MM sometimes loses the concept and carries it but they continue to chase each other around and get that fresh air they so badly need at this age. That I need too!

It is feeling more and more like spring this week and we are setting more goals to have more outdoor adventures this year. Winter staying in has scarred us and we need to get creative and do more things around where we live now that they are both walking, running, talking, and ready to explore together. Siblings February Photo Project

While I am done having babies now, I am so glad they have each other. Someone to always be there for them, talk to, share their childhood memories and be a part of each other’s lives forever. Have siblings is a beautiful thing to have and to give to your children too. I feel overwhelmed with emotions when I watch them supporting or helping each other do something. When I see the kindness and love they not only show me and Daddy but each other. It’s nice to sit back and know you created both of them but they created their own bond! That’s between siblings! That’s what is so magical about their sibling bond!


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    • Thanks it’s just the side of our house. It’s half rendered and half brick so we have two back drops at our disposal depending where the light is. Lol so fun to play outdoors.

    • Thanks Jess. It’s funny because when I am taking photos of them I always try to stand away at first then sneak it to capture their moments when they least expect it. I always think I get more candid truthful photos of the way they look at each other and are together.

    • Thanks Alex. I love catching them in their element when they think I am not looking or doing something else. Show how they really look at one another and are together. These are some of my favorites not because they are good photos but just because the way they are smiling and laughing together. So cute!

    • Thanks Kerry for popping by and commenting. Yes it’s so fun having two especially now that they are talking and running around together. So sweet indeed you wait you will be there so soon. They grow fast together.

  1. Oh aren’t they just so sweet together! you can see the age gap closing in in their behaviour to each other in these pictures, and I just love the matching tops 🙂

    • Thanks Carie. I know I was so excited when I found them. Love matching them together just wish I could find more outfits that match together for them. Got them matching swimwear which is exciting.

  2. Aww such lovely natural photos, I love the last one of them playing!
    This makes me so excited to have my baby and see how my son binds with his new brother as they grow up! 🙂
    How excited you must be for your mum visiting too!

    • Oh I really can’t wait till she gets here. It will be fantastic. Thanks I love catching them playing and candid photos shows their true relationship for sure. You will love having two soon I promise.

    • Oh me too completely agree best time for siblings at this age for sure. I have trouble finding matching for girl and boy but when I go I get so excited. I know sad but true.

  3. Beautiful photos. They look so cute together. I know exactly what you mean about not trying to take sides. I too often try and let my girls sort it out between themselves and unless you actually see what has happened they can be very manipulative. Your grass looks SOOOO Green. x


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