Letters to him & her ~ #7

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:18 am

Letters to my children him

Buba, somewhere this week we have got off balance together and it’s making Mommy sad that together we aren’t making a good team. I am constantly butting heads with you and you have adopted an attitude from nowhere. I blame Friday the 13th last week but I am hoping this week we go back to being close friends. Where we build lego towers so high they fall over. Where we cuddle on the couch watching your favorite movie, Bolt, with your raggy dog you got from Santa and I have sewn his head back on twice. Where we play make believe kitchen and you lay out beautiful picnics for us all. I am hoping this is a quick three year old phase and will pass as fast as it showed up. I can tell you need more entertainment, more exercise, more room to run and play. September isn’t far off and you will be in school and they will be able to guide you with this energy you have more than I can. I feel like I am failing you in that department lately.

Letters to my children her

Missy Moo, you went to your very first dentist appointment last week. You were so good in the chair by yourself, letting the dentist count your teeth. We are waiting for those back two teeth and days later you have really rosey cheeks and a temperature here and there, maybe your teeth heard her calling them. lol You continue to grow at the speed of light. I don’t know what size of clothes to buy anymore as next week it will change. At 19 months old you are in 2-3 year old clothes. You are taller than anyone in your swimming and music class your age. I am hoping its one of those situations where you grow tall and then just stop like I did. I think it would be hard to be very tall as a girl. I know you like to be just like your brother but not this way please. Your personality continues to shine and grow each week. You are saying more words and using the words you know more often now. I was a little worried you weren’t speaking enough for your age but I know every child is different and you will get there. After all you have a brother that does everything for you anyways so why talk? I know your tactics too well lady. I love that you are a cuddler. You love cuddly toys and you love getting cuddles from all of us. I hope that you always like to cuddle. 

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22 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #7”

  1. Lovely portraits. I hope you get on balance with your boy soon. I have a three year old and we get the same here. It never lasts long, but it’s so hard when you’re in it. There’ll be lots of cuddles soon.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up Lovely Lady. We all have down days- especially three year olds. They have to figure out where three year olds fit in to the world and how much independence that they can push for, it’s a tricky business for such curious minds. You are doing a great job- you are NOT failing!

    My daughter was the same in regards to her speech, her big brother still tries to say everything for her. Word of warning, Ellenah went from speaking a foreign babble to full on sentences in a matter of days and she hasn’t stopped since- it will come.

    x Maria x

    • Thanks Maria for your lovely advice. I hope you are right on both accounts. Roll on new phase I am done with this one already hahaha. I keep saying I may wish for things and then it will happen and she will never stop. lol

  3. Oh Jenny, you are such a good Mama to Buba please do not question that. I know your pain, I am in a very hard place with my babies right now, it is making me question everything but I know love is the most important thing and you are giving an abundance of that.
    Your little MM is such a good girl at the dentist, isn’t it scary how our babies are growing xx

    • Definitely scary how fast too. Ahh bless you. Hope you are ok. Yes it’s a phase and one I hope that quickly passed but I am sure when it does MM will have one for me hahaha goes in rounds.

  4. Everything will be fine with your little boy – mummy is reading a book about this very thing at the moment to help her with my big bro! He is 12 though! Us tots grow so fast, I’m so tall, people think I’m older than 2! #LivingArrows x

    • Ahh bless Buba looks 5 and not 3 we get that here too. Sounds like a good book. Eeek I am scared of having teenagers your mommy will have to teach me everything she knows!

  5. Oh bless, it is hard work when you feel off balance isn’t it – but I’m sure I heard someone say Mercury was in retrograde so maybe that and Friday 13th have worked a double whammy 🙂 And as for Missy Moo, it’s no bad thing being really tall as a girl – I’ve never wished I was littler (and I’m 6’0″) and hopefully my girls will think the same because they’re both definitely headed in that direction!


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