Blogfest, a Festive Star and being a foodie #littleloves

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It’s been a funny old week this week. I am feeling the cabin fever setting in already and the dark, windy, rainy days are really getting to me. It’s hard when winter comes around to get used to it at first I think. It doesn’t help filming, food styling or getting any work done what-so-ever either. So this week I have not been eating healthy, been not getting things done like I normally do and keeping on top of the house, the kids, the husband, and myself, ooops. But I just think sometimes life is like that and well there is always next week right?

It’s Friday and it’s time to put all that grumble behind me. I am looking forward to going to Mumsnet Blogfest this weekend and seeing so many good friends too. I can’t wait to learn and get motivated again on my blog. I love the buzz and inspiration that you feel after a blogging conference. I always come home with fresh ideas, new hope and direction and feeling my energy about work lifted! cupmug



I have been reading numerous styling blog posts this week whether it’s for styling the seasons, styling for the festive holiday ahead, or just mere entertainment there is inspiration flooding the blogosphere this week. Here are a few I have really enjoyed reading this week.

Peg Board Styling – Capture By Lucy

I have not been listening to much music this week. I think when I get the blahs I really step back from listening to it. It either makes me feel more down in the dumps or my mood just can’t match the upbeat songs I normally belt out all over the house. Complete fail here this week.

It’s a NEW episode of My Expat Life. This round I had numerous people asking for advice and tips for soon-to-be expats so I dedicated one whole episode to it. But please keep your amazing questions coming in there still a few more episodes to go in the series. I want all your questions to be asked and answered! Here is my 10 Top Tips for Soon-To-Be Expats! Let me know what you think please.

Its a first but I have clearly but loving the color black this week. I hardly own anything black but I have really pulled it all out this week. I blame the horrible weather and matching my wardrobe to it’s gloomy dark skies and horrible storms. It also has been a week full of large loose curls. I have recently bought a new curling wand that is large than my last and I have to say I absolutely love it. I can wear my hair curled all week with it and look like I just did it. I like the lighter curls than my normal tight curls on me. It gives it a more casual look too.
fashion my style pointy boots and black outfits
The kids have been pulling out their new winter wardrobe. MM has really jumped in sizes so we have had to practically buy her new everything. I absolutely love her new multi colored catamimi tights. I even had to go for a size four year old sweater for this gorgeous teal Billieblush bird sweater, sadly her “ducky” is in the way so you can see the 3d bird on the front of it. I wish it came in my size too. B is strutting his new jacket like he is 14 and not 4! How do they look so grown up here? It is scary how fast time is going. MM loves her new Mini Boden hat, scarf and matching coat. She refuses to wear light pink, everything has to be this hot pink color. I have been trying to find other colors that will match it so she doesn’t end up in all hot pink.
what my kids are wearing kidswear kids fashion
I am such a huge foodie and I have been a mad woman on a mission in the kitchen. I have been baking and cooking up new things every day this week from soups, stews, to roasts and creme brûlées. This delicious Vegetable Beef Stew was made in my Tefal Cook4Me along with ten other recipes I tried and tested and can’t wait to share my video review soon.
Vegetable Beef Stew in Tefal Cook4Me
It’s also Christmas time and with that the festive decorations slowly get pulled out of their hiding places and dotted around houses around the world. Each year, I like to get a few new items to add to my collection for the holidays. I was lucky enough to be sent this stunning star from Jackie K. They have the most gorgeous Scandinavian festive decor stars I have ever seen. I adore mine in my front window and the kids love looking up at it. I keep telling them to make a wish upon a star. They giggle and silently make their wishes for the holiday ahead I assume. The details on this one is to perfection and when it’s lit up it really does cast a lovely glow throughout our living room. I just might have to keep it up all year round.

Blogfest, a Star and in the kitchen #littleloves

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26 thoughts on “Blogfest, a Festive Star and being a foodie #littleloves”

    • Oh it won’t compare to anything you do but I can’t wait either. I just have to sort out Thanksgiving this year first. I promised I wouldn’t look passed it like I did last year because it really is a great holiday that I can decorate for too. Just got to get my creative juices flowing they seem to be hiding at the moment.

    • Oh yes please shout at me if you see me I am awful at seeing everyone. Be great to say hello. I have been wearing more black this week than my entire life it’s been a funny one I blame the weather.

  1. You vegetable beef stew looks delicious – just want you need on a cold day like today. Haha my little girl is the opposite of MM everything must be light pink! I love the star!

    Have a lovely weekend x

    • It’s funny even at a young age how they know what they like and want isn’t it? We are all bright colors in this house which is opposite of myself I am constantly in pastels. lol Thanks hun hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  2. Love your festive interior!! MM looks so adorable in the hat and scarf! Lovely coat too! Love your ripped Jeans, saw them on Instagram this week when you posted wearing them! Have a wonderful week ahead xx

    • Thanks Anna Marie I have had the jeans for years my go to comfy jeans. I hadn’t been able to wear them since I got prego with B so it’s nice to have them back on again.

  3. Yay for Blogfest – I’m so looking forward to catching up with everyone and I know what you mean about it firing you up to do even more exciting things! I did giggle at you not having much black – I have to wear black or dark grey for work so I dress like a rainbow as much as possible the rest of the time!!

  4. Have a really wonderful time at BlogFest tomorrow! Safe travels too. The dark is so tricky for taking photos – I feel your pain. Our house is so dark! I am exactly the same with music. I can only listen to upbeat music if I’m in the mood, but sad music makes me feel worse! I think I’m really sensitive to music. Lovely pictures of your two and those stars are really lovely! xx

    • Thanks Esther, blogfest was amazing so much to take in, learning and changing things I need to do a year ago. lol But love meeting up with so many inspiring people too.

    • Thanks Donna it is one of my favorite go to meals for the whole family. It’s winter and I really have been slacking on the scarves this season. Must change that. It’s been nice actually wearing a lot of black recently.

  5. Our little loves this week could have been separated at birth, only your blah was my flat. I’ve been feeling very blah recently. I don’t know whether it’s the weather or the news, but I totally know where you’re coming through. Have a lovely weekend at blogfest. I hope you come back very inspired xxx

  6. Jenny I have had a similar week – all over the place, not much done and yeah, sorry you’ve not been feeling it! The stew looks hearty and gorge though and hope you had a fun time at Blog fest x

    • Me too although I tend to eat more because I can layer and hide it all hahaha. The star is a new home favorite at the moment. Until the Christmas tree comes out. lol


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