A family weekend getaway to Spain

Last updated on July 28th, 2020 at 10:53 am

A weekend family getaway to Spain

Last week, we decided we had enough of the blizzard rain and dark days and took a quick family weekend getaway to Spain. We have friends there they have just had a baby so we were super excited to meet the newest family member and catch up together. 

Sometimes a long weekend family getaway is just what we all need together to recharge our batteries and spend some much needed quality time together. We didn’t get the chance to do anything together as a family over half term so we were really looking forward to this weekend together. The kids could wait to see their friends as my friend has two children the same age as my two and they always have such a blast together when we visit. 

We got lucky with the sunshine and weather while we were there. The kids played constantly outside in the fresh air and soaked up as much vitamin D as they could. There were giggles and laughter throughout the whole house and it’s one of the best sounds in the world I think. I love a big house full of little ones. The kids swam every day until they were exhausted. I always think they seem so much happier and healthier in good weather, out in the fresh air to run free. 

A weekend family getaway to Spain

A weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to Spain

MM swimming really came on while we were in Spain. For the past two months or so she has all the sudden became afraid of water during her swimming lessons. I was worried that was it for her swimming days and so upset as we are always going swimming as a family. It only took an hour for her to get used to the pool and she was running and jumping in the deep end all by herself without a care in the world. It’s amazing how quickly they can change their tune. I am so glad we didn’t give in to her not wanting to swim at her lessons. We had her swim lessons this week and she is amazing and back to loving it again. A weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to Spain

While the older kids played together I stole as much baby snuggles as I could from the baby. He was the most precious, loving, calm baby I ever saw. I could have held him all day evert day. It really made me want a third so badly. I love the dynamics between all the kids especially B and M the two eldest of our group. They chatted away about the funniest things, and whispered secrets to each other while playing on the ipad. B says she is the coolest girl he ever met which is so sweet. I have said it in my past travel posts of our trips to Spain that its truly amazing when you have family friends where both families from husband and wives to the children all get along so well. Its rare and I am forever grateful for it. A weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to SpainA weekend family getaway to Spain

We came home feeling refreshed and ready to take on winter ahead. We enjoyed the company of our friends and their amazing children that are so well mannered. We are so grateful for their hospitality every time we visit and can’t wait to come see them again (especially for some more of those baby snuggles). Sometimes it’s worth it to have the kids miss one day of school for a family weekend getaway somewhere to spend some quality time together. Family time is just as important as education in my eyes. We always hope we can give that balance to our children. 

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    • Thank you Jennifer. I think so too. I think knowing how to swim at a early age is a safety thing too especially a family that is always around water like we are. It was a lovely time.

  1. Lush weekend, we love Marbs as you know, my Aunt lives there too and it’s the perfect Autumn/Winter destination as being so close to Africa means it’s always usually hot. Lovely photos!

    • Thank you we love it there too. We have gone a few times now and will continue a few times a year. It’s always lovely there and great to have close friends too that we can catch up with. Lucky you to have family living in such a beautiful place.

    • I know I feel you. It was so dark and rainy when we left and returned it was depressing. We were grateful for the sun to soak up and store for the winter. Thank you.


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