8 chic living room ideas

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We had just moved house a few weeks before I gave birth to my first baby. I had great plans on how I was going to decorate and style it. I was only shot down by so many saying you can’t have that in your house now, you are a mother. You need to decorate it with your child in mind. Yes, while that is true, that it what the play room and baby’s room is for. I also wanted our house to reflect our family’s personality, style and look nice. I have always been house-proud and try to keep any home I live in looking its best and presentable. So I thought I would share with you a few tips for chic decorating.


A chic-looking living room is a must for most fashionable mommies out there. This is the area in the house where guests are usually entertained and it is where everyone gathers to relax, unwind, and socialize. Our living rooms are usually where personality, taste and style are displayed. Just because we are parents doesn’t mean we can’t have a chic looking home, check out these eight ideas to glam up your living room.

Black and white theme is always a classic – if you’re looking for a theme for your living room then black and white theme will never disappoint you. Use furniture and home decor in black and white mixed combinations. Find a black sofa set and pair it with a white throw rug and other monochrome accessories. Monochrome is always trendy so you can find all sorts of corky and unique items to add to your new look. Most importantly, black and white is just beautiful!

8 chic living room ideas for fashionable Mommies home interiors

Play with color – if you’re not a black and white type of person then you may try a colorful approach in your living area. You may play with various color combinations or you can use the white walls as canvas for a more colorful and stylish appearance. Paint one wall a bright, and vibrant color and leave the rest neutral to really make your feature wall color pop.

Use customized upholstery pieces – there’s nothing classier than customized upholstery pieces including sofa sets and cushions. Choose textiles that will look well with the entire appearance of your living room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pieces.

More art pieces for a more artistic look – are you an art lover or perhaps you are an artist yourself? Express your artistic side by featuring a collection of art like paintings, murals, sculptures, all together. Carefully place and distribute these art pieces across your living room but out of reach of your children of course. Your living room will look more chic and classier than ever! Bonus is that, discussing your art collection is one of the best and sensible conversation topics you could have with your guests.

Get the best chandelier – your living room will have more character with a beautiful chandelier hanging from your ceiling. It is often one of the first things a guest will notice in a room. The beauty of a stunning chandelier is that you don’t have to worry about the kids breaking it. If you have really young ones than you can focus more on large mirrors and chandeliers for a more chic look first before you work your way to adding chic things to your shelves and in their reach.

Make use of large windows and lighting – create more space in your living room by installing large windows in it. It will give your guests a nice view of your garden as well making the atmosphere a lot cozier and bright. Use glass vases and mirrors within your room to reflect the light if you can’t install bigger windows in your room. These can really make a room look bigger and brighter with little effort. Add lots of white light with lamps, candles and other lighting accessories to finish off the look.

Connect your living space with your garden – take advantage of your beautiful garden by having a giant sliding door in your living room that connect to your garden or backyard. It will make the room look larger too. Sliding doors are great to keep open in the summer time and if you are anything like me, they are perfect for those garden parties you want to host. The kids can play outside and the adults can socialize within earshot in your chic living space.

Add some personal touch – want to make your living room reflect your character? There is no better way than adding some family photos with you, your husband and the kids in various memorable occasions and trips. It will definitely show not only your character and style but also your love for your family. Every chic room is in need of family love.

I don’t think just because we have children we can’t decorate our homes how we want to. Yes, they must be taken into consideration especially if they are babies , home décor can be a safety issue, I know from experience. But as they get older, you can really start letting your home interiors reflect your personality and style. In the meantime, decorate out of their reach with those painting you love so much or start with a trendy chandelier to get you started.

A house turns into a home when you start adding your touches to it. For those who are still looking for a house, Australia is one of the most beautiful and stable countries to start a family. Find a suitable house and land package in Sydney for your family and start applying these chic living room ideas to your new home.

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  1. We went all Browns and creams a few years back and I think I’d love to change the cream to full on bright white and then add splashes of colour everywhere! Our ceilings are way too low for a gorgeous chandelier but one day, if we ever move then that’s the first thing I’m buying!


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