5 Tips for the Perfect Living Room Makeover

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 11:18 am

Has the thought of a living room makeover ever crossed your mind? Change is inevitable and should be embraced. Every homeowner often has a makeover in mind, especially when there are changes in modern trends. Having a fresh new look in your living room will leave visitors in awe of the new look and you will feel like it’s brand new again!

Here are the critical phases that will ensure you have a complete and successful living room makeover.

living room makeover checklist


Lighting entails the windows, types of lighting devices, chandeliers, and curtains. You can tweak your windows by adding a window film that will improve your lighting. You can also go for the change in curtain style or colour by browsing around on this website.

To manage your budget, you can search for DIYs that will add a personal touch to the living room. However, ensure you have perfect pieces for your space. You can also install mirrors in the room to improve the lighting and feel of the room. 

Color and Theme

The theme of any living room defines its personality. You need to consider the theme you wish to have carefully. Colors, too, have their nature. The combination of different colours will give different color schemes. The colors need to be a reflection of the mood you wish to elicit.


Furniture is the centrepiece of any living room. You can redesign or replace the furniture in the room, depending on your budget. If you plan to replace it, you can look for antique pieces to give your room a unique setting. 

It would be best if you also aimed to keep within your budget and ensure that you get value for your money. To know the furniture’s worth, you can use antique furniture valuation tips, lest you be conned. Choose the best pieces that align with your theme and colour. 

While changing the furniture, ensure you get matching throw pillows and cushions. You can also add a bean bag chair to break the monotony of the room. Also, be keen to include furniture according to the occupants’ gender, number, and age.  


The artwork and decorating pieces of the room may also be altered to fit the chosen theme and colour. Identify art pieces that will please you and have them framed. Framing the arts will eliminate the extra costs of framing bills. 


The floor is prone to damage and tarnishing. You must revamp your flooring. You can decide to make a complete change in the type of flooring. If it is a tiled surface, you can change the tiles’ pattern to get the new look. 

It would be best to get professionals to fit your flooring, not ruin your investment with poor execution.

If you are not sure of your choices, you can get an interior designer who will design and supervise the makeover. The designer will give you a variety of options where you will choose the best for you. The designer may also take over the entire makeover project for a professional finish. But, would you forego your personal touch and efforts?


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