How to Add Finishing Touches to every Room in your Home

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How to add finishing touches to every room in your home can vary depending on what a person feels is necessary. But there are a few key items that really say, I am done! Below I am sharing how to finish off the various rooms in your house, one room at a time.

If there is one thing I love when I am decorating a room, it’s when it comes time to add the finishing touches. The little accents and accessories that make it functional as well as welcoming. Then you get that moment when you sit back to take it all in and it’s all finished – WOW! A project complete feels so good.

Sadly, we have about five rooms that all need finishing off after our recent home renovations. We have added another bathroom, bedroom and office in our loft that also needs completed. I always say, make a list for each room and do them one at a time otherwise you can get overwhelmed.

So what finishes off a room? What gives it that final accent that makes it feel complete?

Use my guide for each room below to help you on your way or give you more ideas to finish off your rooms in your home.

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The new bedroom in the loft is for my son and whilst he has a bed, wardrobe and dresser it needs accessories to make it cozy. So below I have made a list of things I think that really make a bedroom feel lived in and finished.

  • Bedside Lamps
  • Throw cushions on your bedding or in a chair in the corner
  • A Throw Rug
  • Curtains or Blinds
  • Books on a shelf
  • Personal items like a toy box or a laundry basket


A bathroom doesn’t need much but there are home accessories that make it say, a kids bathroom, a girlie bathroom, or a finished bathroom. When upgrading your bathroom suites, it’s all in the details! Remember, it’s those final flourishes that whisper, “This isn’t just any old loo; it’s a slice of paradise right here in our home!” These finishing touches will transform your bog-standard washroom into a bespoke space of relaxation and style. Alongside any major changes you’ve made or planning to make, it’s the little things that will truly make your bathroom stand out. Some items are a necessity and some just make it look pretty. Why not?

  • Toilet roll holder
  • Mirror
  • Soap dish
  • Bath Mat
  • Succulent
  • Candles
  • Towel Rack
LionsHome home interiors decorating


Our office has just finished being built so it’s still very empty. It’s a blank canvas waiting for me to play around with and I am so excited. I found some lovely desks on LionsHome if you haven’t heard of them do pop over, they have everything from the big furniture to the little home accessories I am listing here. I already have a wish-list a mile long.

  • A colorful Pen or Pencil holder
  • Big Plant
  • Desk Lamp
  • Cushions on your office chair or sofa in the corner
  • Posters on the wall
  • Coffee Mug to match the color theme
  • Open desk planner
  • Colorful peg board
  • Oversize rug under desk


Next to an office, I think the kitchen is my second favorite to finish off. I love food styling and cooking/baking. I also grew up where the kitchen was the heart of the home, we were always gathered in the kitchen. It’s no different now that I have my own kids and my own home.

  • Utensils holder
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Machine
  • Succulents in the window
  • Stylish Fruit bowl
  • Funky Paper Towel rack
  • Trendy Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Typography on the wall
  • Statement Clock
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The living room was probably the first room we finished off in our house. Mostly because a living room is probably the easiest to finish off without a lot of effort or cost. Once you have your big furniture in like sofas, tv, and coffee tables or ottomans, it’s just about what color and texture of cushions, rugs, and accessories you want in it.

  • Vibrant Throw cushions
  • Side Table Lamps
  • Family Photos on the wall
  • Three Wick Candles on the fireplace
  • Faux Vase with flowers
  • Knickknacks that you like or set the theme and tone of the room
  • Floor lamp over a chair
  • Books on the shelf
  • Magazine holder or Wood holder next to fireplace
  • Throw Blankets for sofa, chairs, or wooden ladder leaning on wall
LionsHome home interiors decorating


Yes, a bathroom and hallway had to make it to my list. I even put finishing touches on my laundry room, see below. I like that we use every single room in our house daily. I like that each one has a theme and a style to adhere to. The hallway is the first room a person coming into the home will see, so I like it to be tidy, clean and decorated as well. Ours is tiny so we can’t put any sitting benches or umbrella stands in it, but those are always great options.

  • Fern Plants
  • Welcome Mat
  • Photos on the wall
  • Hallway Console Table with Faux flowers or photo frames
  • Box for shoes
  • Coat hooks or rack

LionsHome home interiors decorating


One might never think to decorate the laundry room. It’s usually the dumping ground for most households. We recently did ours and I love how efficient and organized it’s made me on top of it looking the part.

  • Large glass jars for detergents, wooden pegs, dryer sheets
  • Chalkboard labels for jars
  • Succulents and mini plants
  • Mini clock
  • Shelf with pull out drying rack
  • Candles and diffusers to make it smell fresh and clean
  • Typography on the wall
  • mini stylish rug in front of sink if you have one
  • Pull out ironing board
  • Laundry basket
  • Baskets for cleaning products underneath the sink

There you have it, most rooms in your house just need a few things here and there to make it feel complete. It’s easy to finish off a room in your home with my quick list to guide you or give you more ideas. Remember to only do it room by room though so you can enjoy each one as you finish it off.

What’s your favorite room to decorate in your house?

This is in collaboration with LionsHome, all opinions are my own and I would definitely recommend their site for more ideas on adding finishing touches in your home.

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