How to Style a Laundry Room

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A laundry room is usually full of junk, piles of clothes in one corner, ironing board laid out, and counter stuffed full of those things you don’t want on your kitchen counter when someone unexpectedly visits. This was without a doubt, our definition of our laundry room. I got to thinking even though it’s such a small space, it deserves a little style. So as I set out to organize my house I thought how to style a laundry room might inspire others to do the same.

So come on in…

The room needed that spa, calm, clean, organized feel to it. You can imagine candles, succulents, plants, vases of various sizes to add some trend to it. For the organizing I know you are all thinking baskets, jars, and those infamous chalkboard labels. Oh yes, I did.

I will be the first to admit that I get giddy when the house is super clean and super organized. I like everything to have a home and place in our house. I somehow married the most unorganized, messy man in the world and birthed three messy children. (well most children are messy). You can imagine a few battles between us all when it comes to tidying up and/or messy play. The latter is a rarity I will point out.

Recently I teamed up with Posterlounge to incorporate a few prints into my laundry room. It’s a long, small room but high ceilings. I always feel like large prints really make it feel bigger than it is. I loved this succulent green print and coordinating coral leaf print together. They have similar colors within them and match the smaller “home, sweet, home” print I have on the counter too. Prints just bring a little more “fully” decorated feel to a room. It’s the final touches on the wall that make it feel lived in.

My prints were all framed in Posterlounge white wood frames that really are the lightest wood frames I have ever felt. They come in three colors options oak, black or white and thin or thick frame widths. They framed the prints perfectly for our laundry room. They were so easy to hang too. I like the smaller Home, Sweet, Home framed print leaning on the counter instead of hanging on the wall. It’s a big trend now to have prints just propped up on walls, counters, and desks. I love the artsy (is that a word?) vibe it sets off.

I needed a small place to hang a few wet baby clothes to dry as I don’t like drying my baby’s clothes because they tend to shrink. I got a white shelf that had a pull out drying rack so I didn’t take any more space off the floor with a free standing one.

Above the shelf, I wanted big wooden letters that spelled out Laundry. I couldn’t find any to buy and then I remembered a friend of mine had a little business that was crafts. I knew she had made signs, custom gifts, cake toppers and so I asked her to create this letters for me. They turned out perfect for my small laundry room. You can catch her on instagram @Etch.etc or facebook She is so talented and can make anything.


1.  Baskets or Jars to organize cleaning products

2.  Labels for baskets or jar above

3.  Succulents/Small Plants (fake or real)

4.  Candles and diffusers

5.  Clock, vase, or ornament to accent if space allows

6.  Mini ironing board or fold away ironing board and wireless iron

7.  Laundry basket to suit the space so you don’t pile clothes on the floor

8.  Posters/Prints for the wall including typography or wooden letters to add style

A laundry room isn’t a room you want to spend a lot of money on but it’s also a room you admittedly spend a lot of time in. I couldn’t believe the difference my laundry room was from just some fresh paint, a few prints and home accessories and tidying it up. I absolutely love the space now. I am really enjoying doing the laundry if I am honest. I am no longer embarrassed when people visit and say what’s behind that door. I took some before and after shots to just show you the difference between the two.

What do you think? Do you have an organized and styled laundry room? Why not look around the house and see what ornaments you have sitting around that you might just move around to style your laundry room without even spending money. It’s all about clearing out what we don’t need, organized what is necessary and needed and adding a little home accessories for the final touch.

*In Collaboration with Posterlounge*


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