Gallery walls using Scandinavian prints

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Gallery walls are a huge hit in home interiors and they have been for as long as I can remember. While the modern day gallery wall doesn’t quite match the gallery wall my Grandma had going up her stairs, it’s still the same concept. I love a Scandinavian style in my home mixed with a little shabby chic. It’s a great interior mix with my neutral and grey colors. (hard to photograph as you can see) but in person looks clean lined and cozy at the same time. 

I had a few empty walls left from my redecorating this past Spring and was dying to fill them with a gallery style. I put together these various sizes posters framed in white wood and mixed in mini shelves. It really brought the focal point of the spare room to this wall. I feel like the room is complete now. I choose these prints because I have a dressing table and a full length mirror in my spare room. It really is the place where I get ready in the morning as much as my husband and kids. Somehow our spare room has been labeled the ‘get ready” room, probably down to the only room in the house that has good light in the morning, the rest are dark. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These prints all match my bedding and decor that I have already in the spare room. It’s hard to see here in the light but I have an embroidered duvet and pillow case set on the bed with light pink and light grey cushions. I thought the hints of pink in these prints would tie in perfectly and the black accent would give it a darker color contrast than grey. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That wasn’t the only gallery wall I have been putting together in our house. If you have been following me long you know it’s taken all winter and spring last year to redecorate our back room. We have made it into a cozy “adult only” sitting room. It’s where the hubby and I end up at night after the kids go to bed, each in an armchair or snuggled up on the big sofa watching Netflix. I kept looking at the wall about the console table thinking it really needed something. I am dying to paint the walls as they are a dark cream which in photos just looks dark and dirty but for now they remain this color. Because this room is an adult only room, it’s mostly white, grey and neutral colors.  

The main reason we created this room was to entertain when the kids go to bed. We love having family and friends over for dinner. The kids have their playroom slash my office and our living room in the front of the house. It’s messy and the carpet is beaten. We wanted to create a space at the back of our house where we can have a dining room to dine with friends and then a room to sit, chat, have a drink or two and socialize away from waking the kids up while they sleep. We can shut our hallway door that links us to the front of the house and not disturb the kids. As they get older, it’s nice to get that part of our social life back.

I went for a wintery nature vibe with these Scandinavian prints of an Owl, Misty Lake, and Stag. I am fond of stags and owls in my decor already so it coordinates throughout the downstairs in other rooms too. I love the big white wooden frames that pop off the cream walls. It definitely finished off the room but more important it made it feel cozy and welcoming. That’s what we wanted to create in this room.


It’s actually beautiful having the gallery wall with these large prints as much as it is the smaller ones with a mix of shelves. Gallery walls today, can be whatever mix of prints, posters, photos, shelves you want it to be. That’s the beautiful of them. It’s a mixture of your lifestyle, your life, and showcasing what you love whatever that may be. 

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? What do you think of my Scandinavian prints in my home? Any suggestions of what color I should paint the room above. I was thinking dark grey to make all the neutral decor pop? 





4 thoughts on “Gallery walls using Scandinavian prints”

  1. Both rooms look lovely! I especially love the owl print, its gorgeous, and the bedding is beautiful. I love the idea of dark grey, I think it will work really well with the neutral decor, maybe just paint one wall dark, and the other walls lighter so it still feels light? I used a bit too much grey in our bedroom (2 walls, but a small room) and ended up repainting one wall white!

    • Oh that’s a great idea thank you so much. I might have to do that. I have one wall wallpaper in grey but it’s still super light. I think it needs darker grey on one for sure that will pop it all together. (fingers crossed). I did the same in my bedroom painted it three times now I want to repaint it all white again. hahaha

    • I think so too. Nothing say magic like a snow owl they are stunning and I love a good stag too. 🙂 Thank you so much lovely for your kind comments and stopping by it’s so quiet on here lately. Where has all the blog readers gone this winter?


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