Three Siblings in May

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:08 pm

Three Siblings in May family photo project

We are slightly late with our three siblings update this month. I don’t know where the time is going lately. We are definitely hitting that time of year where our lives (if it’s possible) goes into speed drive. Where every weekend we have one of the kid’s birthday parties, this year a christening, family visiting from america, our first cruise ever, our summer in america as usual and then the whole Christmas saga begins. I am finding that when we hit May/June time it’s where our adventures really start action packed with three kids in tow. We love sharing them with you. We are admittedly behind on our family days out and vacation vlogs so apologies. It’s in the cards to get them up even if there are months overdue. We have so much we want to share with you but not enough hours the day. So keep watch, our youtube channel will be filling up soon. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates.

Now onwards to these three siblings this month…Three Siblings in May family photo project

They are really finding their dynamic as a trio. We had a small period where both older kids where constantly fighting for Baby Owie’s attention. It became that annoying bickering between the two of them who would get his diaper, who would help bathe him, who wanted to feed him his snacks this time and so on. You get the picture.

It’s been nice having that pass and on to a new bonding triangle between them. They seem to be being more helpful towards each other and hoping that it was just a small phase in learning how to share a sibling as it’s only ever been the two of them before. We celebrated Baby Owie’s 1st birthday with a few family members and his siblings. The older kids wanted to buy him presents out of their own piggy banks which was so sweet. They enjoyed making the day all about their baby brother. I still can’t believe how fast this past year has gone.

B and MM are also so excited that Baby Owie is now up on his feet and learning to walk and talk more. He can take about 10 steps and falls over so far. He is very unbalanced still but he refuses to sit down now. He just wants to hold my hand and have me run around all day with him which is proving to be hard getting any work done or house chores. I can’t wait till he gets a little better at it. But this means he is up with the older two wanting to reach for bigger toys and grab whatever he isn’t supposed to be touching. It’s this stage that gets the busiest for me I think. It’s been easy up until now. I did try to get him standing with his siblings here but he wasn’t in the mood for photos today so I had to take what I was given. It’s definitely hard to get snaps of them all smiling and looking at the camera. Three Siblings in May family photo project


Sunny days in the garden.

Kicking the soccer ball around with Baby Owie.

Making homemade frozen yogurts for after school treats and really learning about food and helping me cook their meals now.

Riding bikes around the park.

Not having to wear a coat or hat (are your kids like this?)

They are preparing for our trip to Lake Garda, Italy next week too. They love traveling and their favorite thing to do is help me pack. (not so much my favorite thing).

Three Siblings in May family photo project

I don’t know what Baby Owie is laughing but thought it was so cute above. I definitely think having a snack on hand with photos can help when they aren’t in the best mood to take a photo. He kept attacking the kids beside him by trying to pull their hair and take their sunglasses off. Helped make them giddy and laugh at least.

I hope you will all follow us along on our adventures with Eurocamp. We will be sharing it on ig stories throughout our holiday and we are so excited because some friends have even booked to go there the same time as us making it twice the exciting adventures ahead. Three Siblings in May family photo project

This month more than most since the day I brought the baby home from the hospital, I noticed B really has grown up. He all the sudden looks (and at times acts) like a teenager. He is catching up with my height which I know isn’t hard but feels weird that soon one of my children will be taller than me. He is becoming quite the little helper around the house and wanting to make us coffees in the morning and do chores. I know it won’t last but gosh I am soaking it up as much as I can while it’s happening. I hope when he does decide it’s too cool to be helpful his little sister can take over. I look forward to the day they can both babysit too! Hooray but let’s not wish the years away… I am really enjoying the three of them together at this age. I only wish life didn’t get so busy at times so that it would slow down to document it a bit more, to soak it up a bit more and just make the years last longer.

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