UK Mother’s Day

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For me, Mother’s Day is a funny one, for some reason the US and the UK have the same Father’s Day but different Mother’s Days which you would think makes me have two but it doesn’t. Its weird to try to celebrate a special day with half the world yet not celebrate it with the other half. I texted my mom just to say happy UK Mother’s Day but it really doesn’t mean much when it’s not Mother’s Day there. Then when it really is our Mother’s Day in America in May, I half way forget because there isn’t a constant commercial buzz about it reminding me to send cards and call family. It’s like living in limbo between two worlds, and trying to be a part of it all.

So yesterday for me was a special day, doing ordinary things because quality time with my family is special enough for me. Who could ask for more on such a day?

I started the day off with a lie in, thank you Mr. P. For the first time ever I actually slept in too. Usually I lie there yelling at myself to go back to sleep while I have the chance but my mind races around my to do list and I can hear the kids playing downstairs. This time my mind and body were on the same page. Oh how blissful an ordinary lie in can be!

Mr P had bought gorgeous flowers from Buba and Missy Moo, finally realizing that he has to do the present buying for them for a few years ,after last year not doing anything. It’s a learning process. He made up for it.


We took a gentle stroll around our neighborhood and popped in our new local coffee shop around the corner for lunch. We like going out for lunch on the weekend with the kids, usually to a coffee shop. It’s our ordinary tradition but even on Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The kids enjoyed looking around and Mommy even got a free coffee and cupcake. They already know the way to my heart two of my three favorite things, cupcakes and coffee.


We popped back home to put the kids to bed for their naps while Mr P and I sat outside on our lounge chairs in the sun. It was such a gorgeous day out too. We got so lucky. Basking in the sun, I got to thinking how very lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. Life really couldn’t get any better than this right now.


When the kids got up from their naps, we took another stroll to the local park. Making the most of the bright sun, we tested out the slides and the swings. I stood back taking pictures of Mr P and the kids while they ran around like wild animals, bonding together. They both love their Daddy so much. It was one of my favorite days at the park, not sure why, as we go all the time, maybe I was more sentimental on this day because it was Mother’s Day but it truly was the best day, full of doing ordinary things.


I don’t need flashy expensive presents, or cards, they don’t bring me memories to cherish. It’s quality time, doing normal fun things together that leave me with things to cherish for life that are the best presents. No one can buy them, only be a part of making them. There is no other way I would have wanted to spend the day then doing what we always do, just taking it all in! Life goes too fast not to enjoy the ordinary moments as much as the milestone moments.


I hope everyone had a fantastic UK Mother’s Day. May I have another ordinary special day in May for USA Mother’s Day. I only wish I could spend it with my own mother too!

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  1. What beautiful photos, that one of your husband and Buba touching foreheads is STUNNING. Sounds like you had a perfect UK Mother’s Day with your little family. And I totally know what you mean about the lie in, normally if I get one I lie up there tossing and turning and just can’t sleep. I am glad you managed to get some more zzzz’s! x

    • Thanks Katie, I was actually shocked when I woke up and it was 9 am!!! I am horrible for laying there thinking about things instead of sleeping. Thanks that is one of my favorites of them touching foreheads. Buba is such a Daddy’s boy. 100%. They say that boys are all about their mommas so not true. lol We really had a fantastic day doing what we always do, but that’s what made it great. Thanks for hosting such a great linky.

  2. What a lovely day. I agree with everything you say; the important thing is just being able to spend time with your family and to love and be loved. Gorgeous photos!

    • Thanks Katie. So true. I think we get wrapped into the commercial side of things on holidays sometimes and think oh I want this and that but really just quality time with the ones we love, and maybe some nice weather if we can throw that in there. Is perfect!

  3. What a beautiful ordinary day and what life should really be about- spending time with those who you love, making and capturing wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Happy mothers day x

    • It truly was, thank you Steph. I was really excited these photos came out as good as they did. I am attempting to learn how to use my manual mode on my camera. So scary.

  4. That sounds like a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day – especially the lie in and the cupcake!! I can relate to the cultural disconnect a little too – it’s still feeling very strange to me not to be planning a mother’s day treat as well as receiving one.

  5. Awh what a lovely post, sounds like you had the most wonderful ‘ordinary’ little day. I really love the picture of you with your 2 little ones – 1 on the back and 1 at the front 🙂

    • Thank you Karen. They are so fun. I really enjoyed writing this post too. I am really getting into my photography so am enjoying how they are finally turning out. Still a lot to learn.


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