Me & Mine {March}

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

I have longed to join in this family portrait project of Lucy’s over at DearBeautifulBoy but if you knew my family, getting the four of us in the same photo is a nightmare. Forget asking for smiles, as you clearly can see I will not get any. I use bribery, begging, pleading, and half the time it’s only a few seconds before I give up or they do. The kids aren’t always the fussy ones either, Mr P puts up a good fight like the rest of them. lol
This month I was excited that we got the four of us together, as I only have two other family shots since Missy Moo was born. In 9 months that’s not a lot.
I love my family.
I really do.
They make me have a sense of purpose and sense of belonging to something far bigger than my own agendas.
Their love is inspiring and is amazing to feel.
The look my kids give me, and even the look Mr P gives me makes me feel like I could take on the world with their love and support.
I am so very grateful for each one of them.
I am honored to watch them love each other, unconditionally too.
I am blessed to be their mother, his wife, the lady of this household.
We grow together as a family, a unit, a team.
I could not ask for more.
May my family be corporative and patient for me each month so I may join this beautiful project and document our lives together, month by month throughout the year. Fingers crossed for April everyone!

14 thoughts on “Me & Mine {March}”

  1. Ah but it’s the lack of smiles that make the pictures worth taking – they’re the ones that the children will giggle and pour over when they’re older!!

    • Us too. This is the first me & mine of our family. I wish I would have done it every month no matter what and had something to go back to. It’s so hard. No one corporates either. hahaha Was excited to join in this month.

    • Thank you so much Lauren, so sweet of you to say. I can’t believe I begged and pleaded enough to finally join in for our first family portrait. hahaha

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love that second photo – so adorable. I think the fact that family shots can be so hard to get is what often makes them even more special, no matter whether everyone is looking at the camera, or smiling, or not!

  3. Awww, these photos are lovely. And I am SO glad to have you joining in. I agree with every word you’ve said about motherhood; it can make you feel so strong and like you can take on the world. And at the same time it can knock you sideways with how fantastic it is.


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