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Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 09:41 am

June has been a busy but amazing month for our family.

 It saw Missy Moo getting christened, celebrating her first birthday along side it. We have even smashed cake to celebrate even further. We have had company family days at Mr P’s company, did preparations for our huge American trip, Mommy attend Blognix and BritMums Live and more. It’s no wonder the month has flown by so fast and here I am, once again, raking through my phone for some half decent photos of the four of us.

Please excuse the grainy shots below I didn’t have my new iphone until today. The camera is so much better and there will be clearer photos in the future, I promise. 

Here is the four of us on Missy Moo’s actual birthday, at dinner, just the four of us, taking #familyselfies which is our new favorite thing. I know we are always late to jump on the bandwagon. The kids love it too now!


Buba is loving this new selfie action as he can see himself in the camera. He thinks it’s hilarious to take photos of himself now, to Mommy’s excitement as well. 

Missy Moo is nosy and curious to what we are all doing but nevertheless she seems excited to join in the fun. She is always a trooper! 

Even Mr P is getting into the family selfies although grainy they are still great memories captured with my phone when I don’t have my SLR out. I need a few more photography courses to get better with a remote and staging family photos. I am such a newbie and not impressed with these but they are still great memories to share. 


It was family day with Mr P’s company yesterday and here we are before we set off to join the festivities. We enjoyed a fantastic family day out, on bouncy castles, face painting, great food, friends and quality time together before me and the kids leave Mr P behind and travel to America for two months. It couldn’t have been a better last day together for awhile.

I am so grateful for this beautiful family and I can’t wait for more adventurous and memories to come!

I love this amazing family of four! 

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31 thoughts on “Me & Mine {June}”

  1. Beautiful photos 🙂 You can’t beat a good family selfie either, whenever I get my phone out one of the kids always asks whether we are taking a ‘selfie’ now…whoops!

  2. Loving all these photos Jenny, and that you are convincing Mr P to join in now and getting a family photo of your gorgeous brood for Me and Mine. You can’t go wrong with a selfie, they really capture a moment I think. And I love these garden photos too, such a beautiful family. x

    • Thank you, not the best quality of photos but each was a great moment I wanted to cherish. I am glad he is getting more involved in the family adventure and portrait photos too. We are a family of four after all I told him. lol Thanks for hosting my lovely. Great project

    • Ahhh thank you as most people tell me she looks like Mr P. So I love hearing it. lol Ok deal, I will come teach you hair and you teach me my camera. lol

    • Thanks Bex although they are all really dark and grainy unfortunately. Next month paul will be here visiting in the states perfect timing so we still can join in! lol It will be way better as my mom loves taking photos and has a gorgeous scenery at her house!

    • They were great moments but way too grainy. I need to get a remote for my slr to get better family photos of us all! But who can resist a family selfie? lol

  3. Wow you had a very busy month! What a gorgeous family and happy 1st birthday! We also celebrated a 1st birthday this month, very exciting 🙂 xo

    • Happy 1st birthday to your little one as well such a big milestone isn’t it? Thanks for the lovely comment. It really has and we are in America now for two months and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Lol

    • Thanks Michelle, I will have to go back and check it out. I haven’t had much time to comment sorry while I am here. I am trying to keep up with it all and still make the most of my vacation. lol Good for you! It’s a great project.


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