Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:42 pm

We finally went to Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach last week. A place I have wanted to take the kids since we started coming to the states for the summer. The kids have always been too young to really make the most of it in previous years but this year they were tall enough and old enough to go to both the theme park and the water park. My brother was visiting so it was the perfect opportunity to take both families for a big theme park day out together.

As children there weren’t many chances of family days to theme parks and water parks as we live in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. While there is PLENTY to do outside in the rivers, lakes, and woods that surrounded us, we did get a few opportunities to visit Silverwood which is roughly two and half hours drive. It was close enough that we went a few times but far enough that it was a big occasion if we did.

The kids were so excited to play some games, go on some rides, and enjoy the hot afternoon on some water slides too. We started with games and were pleasantly surprises that the prizes were big and reasonable opportunities to win. Some theme parks you have to pay out a lot to win even the smallest toys. My two were super lucky after just four different games they both walked away with prizes half their size. The one thing I regret is not playing the games last as we had to buy lockers for the prizes at the waterpark. A tip I am sharing and making a note of for next time.

It was great having my brother, his girlfriend and my niece with us to share the experience. The kids got along so well together and had a blast playing the games with the help of their cousin. It’s days out with family like this that make summers here even more special than just coming home.

MM was a little nervous to go on her very first ride. We started with the elephants that just went up and down. They were actually really rocky but she was a trooper with Mommy next to her. Next it was time for her to ride some rides with just her brother and no parent along to hold her hand. While she did cry on one, B was right there stroking her face and kissing her, telling her it was almost over and she will be ok. Bless him. They had a great time for their first experience at a theme park. I would say it made hubby and I think that next year is too early for DisneyWorld in Florida. We might wait until the year after so they are tall enough and old enough to go for it, fully. 

Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach family day out America

Of course, I had to showcase just how America has to do things in jumbo sizes. I swear everything is bigger here. The portion sizes have gone out of control. These cucumbers were no exception either.

A note to future them park self, plan your rides and locations out on a map before you get to the theme park. We spent far too long walking around in circles trying to see what was available to eat and where certain rides were. We thought as it’s a fairly smaller size theme park we wouldn’t have to plan ahead. We were so wrong. We got turned around a few times and the kids legs got tired from all the back and forth. Next time we will locate the rides we want to hit first on a map and know where the eating places are in advance. Hungry and tired kids is not a good combination.

We did half a day riding rides and having a nice lunch while temperatures soared into the 90s for the afternoon. It was than time to hit the water park side of Silverwood called Boulder Beach. Boy, was it needed and refreshing to hit the water slides. The kids absolutely loved playing on the big jungle gym that features to one side of the water park. B was excited to be tall enough for some of the big water slides with Daddy. We splashed, swam, slid, and ran around in the water all afternoon. Another tip, don’t get sunblock on your camera and phone from your hands as most of your photos will be grainy or filmy like mine. Either way, it’s still memories captured here so I am still sharing them.

The water park was busier than the theme park towards the end of the day so I got nervous trying to keep tabs on my niece, and my two kids at one point. Always good to have more adults with you than children in theme parks. My brother, his girlfriend, and hubby enjoyed being big kids on the water slides too. It’s definitely a place where everyone can enjoy their day out. They have an awesome lazy river where you can buy adult beverages and float around the entire water park on a lazy river tube. If I hadn’t been with my kids I would have stay on it all day. It was fab.

I love these photos of my two with their cousin. My brother’s daughter looks so much like him it’s unreal. She has really grown up lately and I am so proud of the lady she is becoming. We went to see them at Christmas in Georgia and in only a few months she has changed even more. I wish kids would stop growing up so fast. I am glad they get to have chances to make memories together each year. I hope that’s always the case. I am so close to my cousins and I want that for my kids too.    

Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach family day out America

We had the best day out. Daddy learned he hates theme parks and has no patience for any of it. I learned a few good tips and notes to self for future theme park experiences and we had a whole lot of giggling and fun with the kids. I wish the shade hadn’t been over us here as I think they would have been my favorite photo all summer. Everyone is looking and smiling. We left in the evening and it was still well into the 90s. The kids had a big smile on their faces and they slept amazing that night. I call that a successful Silverwood Theme Park visit! Until next year, hopefully the kids will be up for bigger rides.


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