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Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:23 pm

It’s Summer and what better way to celebrate the sunshine with the family than enjoying some outdoor family fun together. We are huge fans in this family of picnics in the park on a nice weekend or even in our backyard. The kids find the switch up to their routine exciting and adventurous. 

At a time when technology is taking our kids attention away from the family it’s good to pull it back into the old fashion way of having fun together. We are seeing more and more families go back to family game night or playing more outdoor activities together on the weekend rather than staying indoors. I remember as kids we used to have to play outside until dinner time than homework, bath and bed. There wasn’t a choice to sit on the sofa on the ipad all evening or all morning on a weekend. Don’t get me wrong we have “quiet time” where my kids do just that. But overall, I like our weekend to be fun, adventurous, and exciting outdoors together. I want the kids to look forward to the weekends to see what we will be doing next. You can even see just how much fun we get up to below at one of our local parks. We make the most of it when it’s sunny outside because it doesn’t happen very often here. 

What do you do on the weekends for some family fun? Do you have outdoor activities and games your family absolutely love playing??? Why not, pack a picnic for the backyard and play some vintage style family games like bean bag toss, tin can alley game or fly a kite? All those popular outdoor games we used to play when we were kids are coming back. Playing outdoor games is quality time spent with the family along with great exercise and fresh air. You really can’t get that playing a video game on your own, can you?


Hey lucky readers, today you get the chance to WIN your own Tin Can Alley Game & a Picnic Set for Four to host your own weekend, outdoor family fun time, whenever you want. Just enter below and don’t forget you can tweet everyday for extra entries to win. Good luck! Let the summer outdoor fun begin!

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  1. My son loves doing the same thing outdoors that he does in & that’s imaginary play. He loves making up stories for us to act out. I think he would love a proper outdoor game like tin can alley to play with, I would too! x


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