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Last updated on April 20th, 2022 at 09:00 am

We are a huge outdoor loving family. There is nothing better than a day out in the fresh air and sunshine. There are enough rainy days to keep us cooped up so when we get the chance we make the most of it. We are so spoiled where we live with amazing local parks all around us. There are a handful we frequent and return time and time again because there is so much to do.

Last week, we woke up on Sunday morning and the sun was beaming. The temperatures had been rising all week so we knew we had to make the most of it. We packed our bikes, bag of bread for the Ducks, picnic blanket, and soccer ball ready for a full day out at our local park. The kids were absolutely buzzing anything to get outdoors to them is heavenly.



Parks are so great for wide open spaces to play and paths for biking riding. B and MM are still learning how to ride their bikes with training wheels/stabilizers on and we are lucky to have so many paths at our local park to teach them. There is plenty of room for all the dogs and walkers so we aren’t in the way. A lot of the time the kids will see their friends on their bikes too and want to join in together. One of the kids’ favorite thing to do is race on their bikes. We make start and stop lines and together they race each other, over and over. Friendly competition never hurt and it’s great exercise too. DucksParkDuckFeedingparkducks

Our local park as a beautiful fountain and pond full of ducks and swans to feed. We always remember to take a bag of bread for them to feast on. It’s the most peaceful place to sit on a bench or steps and watch them. The swans can get a little mean but the ducks will waddle right up to you which MM thinks is absolutely hilarious. She is always trying to pick one up and hold it. The parks around us have a lot of different animals to see when visiting like turtles, birds, rabbits, ducks, swans, and hedgehogs.

I think it’s great to get the kids familiar with being around animals and how to act. This park is full of dog walkers too. The kids at first weren’t keen on dogs barking or walking pass, having a sniff. We can’t have animals due to allergies but I always want my kids to be comfort and aware of animals so it’s great we can get this at the park and teach them about them as we walk around. parksiblings

Our local park is large so there are numerous fields to play soccer in. MM is really getting into being competitive with sports more as she gets older. It’s great to watch her really put her all in running and fighting for the ball. We take Granny with us most park visits. She loves playing with the kids as much as we love having her with us.


What’s a sunny park visit with a family picnic? Our local park has an amazing cafe to eat lunch at on  rainy days but when the sun is shining we like to pack the picnic blanket and bring sandwiches and snacks. All that bike riding, feeding the ducks, and playing soccer is tiring. B usually takes the reins and dishes us all out our lunch and we sit and talk about the fun morning we have had so far and Mr P may even sneak a snooze while the kids finish eating and I grab a quick coffee, to go, out of the cafe.


After a yummy family picnic we are full of energy again and walk up to the play ground. Each weekend, during summer time, they usually have a bouncy castle set up too. The kids run around going down slides, swinging on swings, and riding wooden horses with Granny. They have a big bouncing session and they are truly knackered from a day out at our local park. HorseRide


I hope when they think back to their childhood, they remember all the amazing days out we had at parks around us. I hope they grow up loving the great outdoors and being in the fresh air. There is such a variety of things to do at every park. Check out your local parks and see what they have to offer! I promise, you will be surprised how many there are so close to home and how much you can do at them. Let’s together motivate our kids to play outdoors more.

Check out our family day out video to see just how much fun we really had together!

Live near or in London check out the Parks in London just click discover more below. This post is in collaboration with Mamas & Papas bringing families together and outdoors to explore. Where will you and your family travel to this summer?

16 thoughts on “Exploring our local parks”

  1. I love this post, not only are your photos beautiful but this is our park too and it’s so nice to see it through someone elses eyes. I grew up in this area and have so many wonderful childhood memories of this park, and now my four enjoy it every weekend too. It’s so funny that you are so nearby, I had no idea until recently!! #sharewithme

    • Oh well huge way lovely to my local blogger. I had no idea either. I absolutely LOVE this park there is others nearby none as good and as much on offer to do. We spend whole days here all the time. I love it. We might just be passing each other in the park and don’t even know it hahaha If you ever see us come say hello!

  2. I love taking the little one to the park and I can’t wait till he is that little bit older so he can learn to ride a bike and enjoy it that little bit more 😀 #sharewithme

    • Oh thank you so much that’s so kind of you. We had such a great time together on our park picnic exploring. We tend to go here most weekends if we aren’t off swimming somewhere. 🙂 Loving the hot weather.

  3. Aw the two of them have such a great bond. I love the way MM cycles after her big brother. We don’t have much to explore in our town but we are moving soon and are going to have loads to explore then.
    By the way I am glad everyone starts off cycling with one foot. Matthew does it too. #sharewithme

    • I love a new place to explore and roam free with the kids so much fun. I know she doesn’t even pedal around in circles she just goes back and forth bless her. It’s the only way to start out hahaha

  4. This looks like a great park Jenny! We love the park as well and love exploring. The children have so much fun and we are a bit spoilt here as well with great parks! Thanks so much for linking up to #sharewithme and hope you’ll join in again xx

    • Thanks Charlotte, it’s a lovely park so much to do. We are very lucky to have a good one so near. We actually have a few that we love park hopping around.

  5. The park is my utmost favourite place, even more so now we’ve moved back to the UK. The green. The trees! Though our bike riding is a little behind as my Big One (who is a little older than little miss) isn’t very good at the pedals!! Looks like you had a wonderful time and those photos!! #sharewithme

    • Oh thank you we really do have fun each and every time we go there. It’s one of our faves. We have a bunch near us but this has so much to do and so much to see for us all.

  6. It looks like you had a lovely family day out! We have a few parks but do have to travel for about 30 minutes to get to them. It’s not too bad but it does mean we have to plan for it. 🙂
    I’m hoping the sunnier weather makes a return soon.

    • Oh I will cross my fingers for you for lots of sunny days so you can get park hopping so much fun to be had. Sad there isn’t one closer to pop over to.

  7. Lovely photos Jenny. We have loads of parks around us too, I’ve been thinking about trying to visit all of them over the Summer holidays, it’d be like a little challenge and free too! x

    • OH yes we are huge into challenges and park hops. You should make yourself a park calendar for summer or maybe put them all in a jar and let the kids draw a different one out each time and see where it takes you. So fun!


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