Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows 43/52

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:15 am

a weekly photo project living arrows


Buba, my sweet first born I wish you would stop growing up right before my very eyes. We have been looking at more schools this week for you, for next September and while that seems like it’s far away it will be here before we all know it. I walk around these schools thinking how can you really be old enough to start. How can I let you out of my grasp, five days a week, all day and into a strangers life. It’s hard to let go of you being my baby, and even harder to think my days won’t be filled with your laughter, your silliness and your cuddles. Oh how I will miss your out of the blue ‘bear hugs’ and ‘lion kisses’ the ones you give me when I least expect it and but need it the most. You have a heart of gold and are so smart I know you will do just fine without me but will I do just fine without you? This is what plagues me you are only mine for a short while and you will be off on your own adventures. I hope that I have made the most of all your milestones.

a weekly photo project living arrows


Missy Moo, you have turned a rough corner this week. At 16 months old you have pretty much slept through the night since the moment you were born to my utter gratefulness I promise you. Maybe it’s selfish of me to say or maybe it’s just something is bothering you and I can’t figure it out but you have screamed all night for the past four nights, leaving the house sleepless. We are lucky your brother sleeps like a rock. I will even admit after trying everything possible I even crawled right in your cot with you and slept. It was the only way you would stop screaming and I could rest my head. I would have put you in our bed (something I have never done) but Daddy needed to rest for work. You are lucky Mommy fits in that cot of yours. I don’t know if your teeth are bothering you so I gave you medicine, I put you in your old sleeping bag as you just had a new one and thought maybe you didn’t like it or weren’t warm enough, I sang, I rocked, I rubbed your back until my own back hurt from bending over your cot. Nothing but me curling up beside you would stop you from the painfully shouting. Maybe it’s a growth spurt so we reintroduced your milk before bed again. After all these attempts you only cried out twice last night. I hope tonight is back to normal and whatever has you so upset is gone. So I can stop being upset for you too. My little princess it breaks me to see you so distraught at night when your days are full of happy smiles and sing song sounds.

a weekly photo project living arrows


You two are as cheeky as any two monkeys let loose at the zoo. You are the perfect team, you may fight over a certain toy, you may bicker over who got more, but you always come together in the end. You help each other, you love each other, you care and look out for each other. It’s what everyone parent wants. Lately, you both think it’s hilarious to get cheeky together. One showing the other how it’s done and the other following suit. You both love Mommy’s new cushions as your jumping pads, to my sadness, they are getting tortured already. When I am not looking I know you both are jumping on the couches and climbing on my pouf to jump off. I know you both use the new entertainment center as a catapult for all your toys when I am not looking. I know the mischief of you both is because of you both not just one of you so there lies my future challenge of disciplining you both without laughing, without showing you I actually find it so amusing how cheeky you both are at the moment. I will continue to hide my snickers as you both enjoying being tots together.

12 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows 43/52”

    • Thank you so much Aby! They are among my favorites too. I love candid photos where you just catch them in the silly act of being kids. So much better than posing. lol

  1. Oh poor little lass, I hope she’s back to herself soon, and not just because of the sleep, its miserable when your children just aren’t themselves and you can’t wave a magic wand and make it better

  2. Missy Moo looks so sweet in her photo but I hope that she is sleeping better, that must be so upsetting for you. We are looking at schools too, scary how quickly it passes but Buba will be great I’m sure, it’s just us that find it so difficult, especially with the first I think.


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