Outdoor Dining Must-Haves this Summer

We have finally renovated our garden. It was a huge job to say the least. I have enjoyed sharing the five weeks of renovations on my ig stories, each step of the way. I will have a before and after post and video coming soon so keep watch just in case you missed my live feed. Either way, summer is here and the garden is finished. Hooray! This calls for some celebrations and a whole lot of alfresco dining experiences to come.

Outdoor dining has always been a favorite thing for me. I love eating alfresco in the fresh air. Summer is the perfect time to decorate that patio or deck to do just that. I have been shopping for the perfect outdoor dining style for my new deck for our family. There are endless theme options to choose from but I am leaning towards blues and coral colors that will pop and making outdoor dining more formal than plastic picnic dinnerware.

Outdoor Dining Must-Haves for Summer from Wayfair Coral and Blue garden decor

Here are My 6 Outdoor Dining Must-Haves for Summer:

  1. GLASSWARE: When alfresco dining, drinks are a must. I love glassware that has colour. These blue crystal goblets are perfect to bring color to the table and cheers with friends. You can get the matching pitchers and water glasses to pair with it.
  2. DINNERWARE: To decorate your outdoor table think beyond plastic plates and bowls. Give your outdoor dining a more formal look with these colour infused Mediterran dinnerware set. It will make you want to host an outdoor dinner party this summer. 
  3. CUTLERY: You can’t eat without cutlery and I am loving this vibrant, turquoise, cutlery set. Colourful handles scream alfresco dining. 
  4. SERVING DISHES: Serving dishes are also a must when you have friends or family over for the summer. Why not use serving dishes like this stainless steel cake stand to share your treats in the garden. Anything that makes food sharing easier and pretty is a must-have too. Colorful mini bowls and spoons work wonders for serving alfresco meals outdoors. 
  5. OUTDOOR RUG: Dining doesn’t feeling complete without a cosy outdoor rug underneath your feet. Outdoor rugs are great for decks and patios. There are endless colour and pattern styles to choose from to theme your outdoor dining area. Why not mix and match patterns of your rug to your cushions and plates to complete the look?  
  6. CUSHIONS: Get comfortable while eating outdoors with these gorgeous blue and coral cushions. They match my recommended dinnerware perfectly. Eating outside in comfort makes great summer memories. Also makes your outdoor dining area so inviting to guests.  

Do you love eating alfresco in the garden? What would your outdoor dining must-have items be? I would love to know your theme ideas and color schemes, just comment below. This will help me decide what I should do with our new outdoor dining area.


Outdoor Dining Must-Haves for Summer from Wayfair Coral and Blue garden decor

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  1. I LOVE everything that you’ve listed. The bright blue is such a lovely colour. The rug is my fave which I wouldn’t have thought of


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