The BeWILDerwood Adventure Park in Cheshire

The curious treetop adventure park is worth the drive if you don’t live local to either location, in Cheshire and Norfolk, UK. We ventured out about an hour and half drive to visit BeWILDerwood in Cheshire with the kids. It was the first time we had planned a family day out since the first lockdown. We were so excited. Lucky for us, it definitely didn’t disappoint. So here is what we thought of the Cheshire BeWILDerwood Adventure Park.

Getting to the Adventure Park

Using SY13 4JF for the Sat Nav if arriving by car.

We didn’t know quite what to expect. Upon arrival, it was easy to find and lots of FREE parking. Also it provides designated disabled spaces, electric charging points and coach parking, as well as a bike shed, right by the entrance. If arriving by train, it’s five miles from Whitchurch train station.

We were met at the Grubbles Greeting Grates by the friendliest staff and smartly designed entrance with toilets. Whilst you are thinking why would toilets be at the entrance, it’s a brilliant idea. It pops into your head to go to the bathroom before entering the park and before you get back in your car for the journey home. They definitely had kids in mind for this!

Layout of the Adventure Park

It’s layout out through a beautiful Cheshire forest like a theme park. You are given a map and a challenge to find the secret message codes along the way. The kids were ecstatic. B, our eldest, is always our map guider.

There are toilets everywhere which is helpful for and the running, jumping, drinking, eating, ice cream licking the kids do all day.

Appropriate for All Ages

It really is suited for all ages. There is climbing frames, slides, and little toddler play areas to adult climbing frames, slides and play areas. I promise you, you will want to join the kids. There may even be a few slides I was too scared to go on so the teenagers will love it too.

It’s wood chip paths around the whole adventure park so it’s stroller friendly. There is even baby zip lining swings next to the adults. So plenty for the little babies to do as much as the big kids.

What is there to do at BeWILDerwood Adventure Park?

So much to do…for all ages but let’s give you a list so you can make sure to check each adventure off when you visit. Here is what is included all in your ticket price.

  • Real Den Building in the Forest.
  • Crafts in the Big Hat.
  • Storytelling on the Story Stage – 2 Shows 4 times a Day.
  • Get lost in the Sky Maze or the Mish Mash Maze.
  • Zip Lining from Babies to Adults on the Wobbly Wires.
  • Sliding from small to extremely steep slides on the Slippery Slopes.
  • Boggle Village & Twiggle Village spying for Marsh Boggles & Twiggle Tribes.
  • Broken Bridge – High Rope Bridge – Do you dare?
  • Toddlewood on the Hill and Tiptoe Valley play areas for the under 5s.
  • Climbing wood tree-houses galore – just don’t get lost.
  • Telescope Tower for the best views of the adventure park.
  • Eat at either the Cozy Cabin or the Munch Bar. (great for allergies just ask the helpful staff, they were fab with us).
  • Buy Gifts at the Bizarre Bazaar – don’t forget to buy a Crocklebogs souvenir…our kids love theirs!

As you can see there is plenty to pack in a whole days worth of adventures at BeWILDerwood in Cheshire. I am sure the Norfolk location is just as exciting and fun!

Ticket Prices

You can purchase day tickets or annual passes. It’s definitely worth it if you live close enough to visit a lot. It’s not a place my kids would ever get tired of visiting.

  • Born to BeWILDUnder 92cm FREE
  • Almost WILD Between 92 -105cm £17.50
  • BeWILD Now Over 105cm £19.50
  • Still WILD 65 years + £12.50
  • Carer In receipt of DLA or PIP FREE
  • Pregnant (Over 20 Weeks) MATB1 Form Required FREE

What we Thought Overall

We would definitely go back and bring the toddler next time too. It was a fun family day out for us all. There are not many theme parks or parks to visit where the parents can get involved in all the fun too. It makes it a great adventure for everyone.

We had coffee and ice cream from the Cozy Cabin and ate lunch at the Munch Bar both had lots of options to eat and drink. Got to recharge those batteries for all that climbing!

My recommendation wear leggings or pants. Shorts or skirts they tend to catch their bare legs on the slides and ropes. Tie hair up for safety. Wear good durable running shoes. The sun doesn’t really shine down with all the big trees so it’s cooler than you think. Kids get warm running around but while eating or if it rains,a light jacket would do.

Covid Safety Measures

It made us feel normal again being able to get out as a family and enjoy some new adventures outside our four walls. They had adhered to all covid guidelines and took all necessary precautions for our safety. Masks only need to be worn inside the gift shop, crafts in the big hat, storytelling stage and the toilets. So have a mask on hand but not for the outdoor adventures. There is hand sanitizer stations set up everywhere too.

BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a huge woodland full of family fun, imagination, and outdoor adventure for the whole family to experience.

Go on check them out…

*We were gifted the tickets for the purpose of our thoughts and opinion of the reopening after covid lockdown. These are all our own thoughts and photos.

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