8 Home Upgrades To Start Each Day The Right Way

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 07:15 pm

8 Home Upgrades To Start Each Day The Right Way

For many people, the success of each day hinges on the first few minutes after waking up. If you oversleep or have spent all night tossing and turning, you know that you’ve already gotten off on the wrong foot. While it’s tempting to write the day off and go back to bed, you know that isn’t an option.

Besides, you don’t have to accept that today will be a bad day just because you didn’t wake up as well as you could. But, if this happens more often than not, you may need to look at your environment. If you’re tired of being tired, consider these household upgrades to ensure you start each day the right way. 

Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable 

A successful morning begins with a successful night’s sleep. Your bedroom style dictates how well-rested you feel, which makes it easier for you to wake up each morning, no matter when your alarm goes off. 

Your bedroom should maintain the optimal temperature that allows you to sleep through the night, but this is not all you need to think about. Make sure it is quiet enough to prevent disturbances and dark enough so that any outside light doesn’t interfere with your sleep. 

If you’re sharing a bed, you might benefit from upgrading your mattress to one that doesn’t move as much. Memory foam mattresses can solve this issue compared to spring boxes, as they are not as noisy. This way, even sleepers who toss and turn shouldn’t disturb you, allowing you to stay comfortable. 

Wake Up With The Sunrise 

There is something natural about waking up with the sunrise as your ancient ancestors did many thousands of years ago. Although you might love staying in bed for as long as possible, waking up as the sun rises allows you to start the day right. 

Immediately, you feel ready to take on the day. You also avoid the risk of snoozing too much, which could mean you stay in bed beyond when you should. 

Waking up with the sunrise is easy in summer as you can leave the blinds or windows open a crack, but it’s trickier in winter. A sunrise alarm can fill your bedroom with light that mimics the glow of the rising sun. it’s not harsh the same way a bedside lamp is. Instead, it eases you out of sleep so you don’t feel torn from rest. 

Get the Kids Up 

You can apply the same approach to your kids, especially if they always try to get five more minutes in bed. Any parent knows how challenging it can be to get their kids out of bed, so think about how you improve your sleep experience and apply it to them. 

Your kids need to get enough hours, so establish a consistent bedtime routine. It can take time for them to adapt, but they’ll eventually be too tired to argue with you.

If they manage to sneak a few more minutes awake after their bedtime, you can think about establishing a no-device rule in their bedrooms, especially at night, as this can reduce distractions and give them no excuse to get to sleep easily. 

Have Everything Ready For You 

Even if you wake up on time, you might still feel rushed to get everything done before you start work (even if you work from home). Thankfully, you have an array of solutions to choose from. If you need a coffee before you can do anything, an espresso machine for home can give you the kick you need.

Setting up a reminder system on your smart home calendar can also prevent that last-minute dash to the supermarket for essentials. If your kid has a school trip or needs ingredients for their food tech class, your reminders will make sure you don’t forget and you can fix everything the night before. 

Similarly, meal plans and leftovers give you a reliable lunch option and save time in the morning as you don’t need to spend too much time putting everything together. 

Squeeze In Some Activity

Once you’ve mastered the art of getting up early enough and having everything organised, you can start to think about how to make the most of your time. One of the best uses of your spare time in the morning is activity and morning exercises that can put you in the perfect mind frame before you start your day.

Morning yoga sessions in the spare room give you the peace and tranquillity you’ve been looking for, especially at the start of a sure-to-be hectic week. 

But what can you do if you’re not into yoga? Morning runs are ideal but not always possible (especially when you consider the weather). You can invest in exercise equipment, including free weights or a treadmill to squeeze in some activity early in the morning without leaving the house. 

Check the Traffic 

Heavy traffic can throw your entire morning off and it might make it feel like there’s no need for you to get up as early if you’re going to end up gridlocked anyway. However, there are ways around this that can reduce stress and ensure you can get the kids to school and make it to work on time every day.

Traffic updates are nothing new and many apps or programmes will provide detailed information about the traffic conditions in your area. With this, you can plan when to leave and even reconsider the route you’re taking. 

If you usually take the motorway or dual carriageway to work, you may benefit from the scenic route. Likewise, leaving a little earlier means you can avoid the traffic and ensure a stress-free morning travel experience. 

Get Pumped Up 

Sometimes, you need the energy to help you get through the first hours every morning but coffee isn’t the only solution. If you want to start your day on a positive note, ut together a [playlist of your favourite songs to get you going in the morning. If this sounds like too much effort, there are ready-made playlists for you to listen to that will help you get up, dressed, and out of the door on time. 

You can also use this playlist to track your progress. If you listen to it in the same order each morning, you’ll get a feel for how efficient you’re being. You might even be tempted to turn it into a game which helps you get everything out of the way as quickly as possible, meaning you can slow down before leaving the house. 

Know What You’re Doing Today 

A digital schedule will help you know what you’re doing on any day. This is an opportunity to start your day the right way, as it means you don’t feel so frazzled or forget crucial documents you need for work or presentations. 

It’s best to prepare all of these the night before, but that isn’t always possible. Instead, use your phone’s calendar to remind you and keep any essentials clearly in your viewpoint. If you know what you’re doing, you will find that you get ready more efficiently. This means you can get up, dressed and out without rushing around or panicking. 

Rise And Shine 

Waking up doesn’t need to be as challenging as it has been. The older you get, the more you realise the importance of an excellent night’s sleep, yet you also need to think about your mornings. These tips and upgrades can help you improve your morning routine and ensure you start each day with the best positive attitude. 


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